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Cleaning The Control Panel; Cleaning The Front Of The Appliance; Cleaning The Wash Cabinet; Cleaning The Door Seal - Miele G 7881 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Cleaning the control panel

^ The control panel should only be
cleaned with a damp cloth or with a
suitable cleaner for glass or plastic.
To disinfect, use an approved
cleaning agent.
Do NOT use abrasive or
all-purpose cleaners. The chemicals
contained in these products can
seriously damage the surface.
Cleaning the front of the
^ To clean the stainless steel exterior,
use a damp cloth and dish liquid or a
non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner.
^ To help prevent re-soiling
(fingerprints, etc.), a stainless steel
conditioner can be used after
Do NOT use thinner or
ammonium-based cleaners!
They can damage the surface.
NEVER hose down the machine
or the immediate vicinity, e.g., with a
water hose or pressure washer.

Cleaning the wash cabinet

The wash cabinet is mostly
If you notice a build-up of deposits,
please contact Miele Customer Service.

Cleaning the door seal

To remove soiling, clean the door seal
regularly with a damp cloth.
Damaged or leaky door seals should
be replaced by Miele Technical Ser-

Dispensing systems

Regularly check the quantities of
processing chemicals being used by
the washer-disinfector to detect dosing
Machine care

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