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Maintenance - Black & Decker CS3653LC Instruction Manual

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Selecting the direction of rotation (fig. E)
For tightening screws and drilling pilot
holes, use forward (clockwise) rotation. For
loosening screws or removing a jammed
drill bit, use reverse (counterclockwise)
• To select forward rotation, push the
forward/reverse slider (2) to the left.
• To select reverse rotation, push the
forward/reverse slider to the right.
• To lock the tool, set the forward/reverse
slider into the centre position.
Switching on and o
For tightening, use forward (clockwise)
rotation. For loosening, use reverse
(counterclockwise) rotation.
• To operate the tool, press and hold the
trigger switch (1).
• To switch the tool off, release the trigger
switch (1).
LED work light
The LED work light (7) is activated
automatically when the trigger is depressed.
The LED work light will illuminate when the
trigger is partially depressed, before the
unit begins running.


Your BLACK+DECKER tool has been
designed to operate over a long period of
time with a minimum of maintenance.
Continuous satisfactory operation depends
upon proper tool care and regular cleaning.
Your charger does not require any
maintenance apart from regular cleaning.
Warning! Before performing any
maintenance on the tool, remove the
battery from the tool. Unplug the charger
before cleaning it
• Regularly clean the ventilation slots in
your tool and charger using a soft brush
or dry cloth.
(Original instructions)
(fig. F)
• Regularly clean the motor housing using
a damp cloth. Do not use any abrasive or
solvent-based cleaner.
• Regularly open the chuck and tap it to
remove any dust from the interior.
There are no user servicable parts
• At the end of your products life return the
whole unit to your service agent or to a
local recycling station to have the battery
recycled. Do not throw the unit out with
household waste.

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