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General Product Care; Warranty Assistance - RCA 2110 Quick Setup Manual

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General Product Care

To keep your telephone working and looking good, follow these guidelines:
• Avoid putting the phone near heating appliances and devices that
generate electrical noise (for example, motors or fluorescent lamps ).
• DO NOT expose to direct sunlight or moisture.
• Avoid dropping the unit and other rough treatment .
• Clean with a soft cloth.
• Never use a strong cleaning agent or abrasive powder because this will
damage the finish.
• Retain the original packaging in case you need to ship the phone at a later
• Periodically clean the charge contacts on the handset and base with a soft

Warranty Assistance

Your sales receipt will be required to demonstrate proof of purchase in order to
validate your warranty eligibility. You may want to attach either the original,
or a photocopy, of your sales receipt to this booklet for future reference.
If this product was received as a gift , it is suggested you jot down the date
of gift receipt , as this information will be valuable should service be required
during the warranty period. If the equipment is causing harm to the telephone
network, the telephone company may require that you disconnect the
equipment until the problem is resolved.
Purchase Date or Date Received as Gift
Name of Store
For instructions on how to obtain warranty service, you may call Customer
Care at 1-877-722-4908 or you may visit our website at www.rca4phones.
com. If you prefer, you may write to us at:
Supreme Power USA LLC
PO Box 501045
Indianapolis IN 46250-1045
Please do not send products to this address as it only adds delays in
service and may result in lost or damaged product . This PO BOX is for
written communication only.



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