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Limited Warranty - RCA 2110 Quick Setup Manual

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If the equipment is causing harm to the telephone network, the telephone
company may require that you disconnect the equipment until the problem is

Limited Warranty

What your limited warranty covers:
• Defects in materials or workmanship.
For how long after your purchase:
• One year, from date of purchase. Please retain your sales receipt , as that
will act as your proof of purchase in order to validate warranty status.
What we will do:
• Provide you with a new or, at our option, a refurbished exchange unit of
same or similar model. The exchange model is under warranty for the
remainder of the original product's one year warranty, or 90 days from the
date the replacement product was shipped to you, whichever is longer.
How to get service:
• Call Customer Care at 1-877-722-4908. Please have your product with you
and please have your model number and date code available when calling
us. The model number and date code can be found on the underside of the
base unit .
If you are within your limited warranty period and it is determined t h a t
service is required:
• We will ask that you properly pack your product to avoid shipping damage.
We recommend that you use the original carton and packing materials.
• We will ask you to include with your product the following:
º Your name, return shipping address and daytime phone number
handwritten or typed on a sheet of paper
º A legible copy of your sales receipt ( please do not send the original
sales receipt )
• Ship your product prepaid, to the address we provide. We suggest shipping
your product via a traceable carrier, as we are not responsible for lost , mis-
directed or damaged shipments. You may want to write the date shipped,
carrier and tracking number here:
• Upon receipt of your product we will validate your product is under
warranty and if determined your product is warranty eligible, we will ship
to you a new or, at our option, a refurbished exchange unit of same or
similar model. This exchange unit will be shipped to you at no cost .



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