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Handset Charging Cradle; Programming The Telephone; Initial Setup; Handset Name - RCA 2110 Quick Setup Manual

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4. Insert the battery pack.
5. Close the battery compartment by pushing the door up until it snaps into

Handset Charging Cradle

1. Plug the AC power converter of the charging cradle into the electrical
CAUTION: To reduce risk of personal injury, fire, or damage use
only the power adaptor (Manufacturer: ESL, Type: IA5060, 120Vac/
6Vdc/500mA; Manufacturer: NanTong DaMing, Type: DM-SC060058,
120Vac/6Vdc/0-0.58A) listed in the user's guide. This power adaptor
is intended to be correctly orientated in a vertical or floor mount
2. Place the handset in the charging cradle. The charge indicator turns on,
verifying the battery is charging.
3. Allow the phone to charge for 16 hours prior to first use.

Programming the Telephone

Initial Setup

1. Make sure your phone is OFF (not in TALK mode).
2. Press the mute/menu OK button to go to the main menu.
3. Press caller ID-volume (
4. Press the mute/menu OK button to confirm and you may program the
following items:
Handset Name, Registration, Deregistration, and Global De-registration.
NOTE: During programming, you may press the END /EXIT button at
any time to exit the sub-menu and return to the menu.

Handset Name

From the Initial Setup Menu:
1. Press the caller ID-volume (
NAME sub-menu.
2. Press mute/menu OK button to enter the menu. The screen displays
3. Use the touch-tone pad to enter a name (up to 15 characters). More than
one letter is stored in each of the number keys. For example, to enter Bill
Smith, press the 2 key twice for the letter B. Press the 4 key 3 times for the
letter I. Press the 5 key 3 times for the letter L. Press the 5 key 3 times for
the second letter L, and press the 1 key to insert a space between the first
and last name. Press the 7 key 4 times for the letter S; press the 6 key once
) button to scroll to INITIAL SETUP.
button to scroll to the HANDSET



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