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Advanced Intercom Features; Using Intercom With External Telephone Calls; Two-Way Calling; Three-Way Calling - RCA 2110 Quick Setup Manual

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Advanced Intercom Features

Receiving an Incoming Call During an Intercom Call
If you receive a telephone call during an intercom call, an incoming call alert
tone will be heard (through the earpiece or speaker). If the user wants to
answer an incoming call, they must press END to terminate the intercom and
receive an incoming ring.

Using Intercom with External Telephone Calls

During a telephone call, you may use the intercom/paging function to
page another handset and have an off line, private (two-way) intercom
conversation. You may also have a three-way conversation between the
external caller and the handsets, or you may transfer the external telephone
call to another handset.
NOTE: Before you intercom/page another handset, you must decide
whether you want to create a two-way or a three-way conversation.

Two-Way Calling

1. During an external call, press the delete/int/conf button, and use the touch-
tone pad to enter the handset number to put an external line on hold. The
user may then auto intercom with the paged handset .
NOTE: Both intercom users may speak privately. The external caller
will not hear the intercom conversation.
2. When finished, press the END button to end the intercom call, return to the
talk mode, and resume your original telephone conversation.

Three-Way Calling

1. During an external call, press the delete/int/conf button. LINE ON HOLD
EXTENSION? shows in the display.
2. Use the touch-tone pad to select Handset # to enter into auto intercom call
with paged handset .
3. When the receiving handset connects, press the delete/int/conf button on
the originating handset to conference with the receiving handset and the
external caller. CONFERENCE shows in the display on the originating and
receiving handsets.
NOTE: A handset can enter conference mode directly by pressing
TALK/SPEAKER on the second handset during a call.



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