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Motorola VC70N0 Quick Reference Manual

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VC70N0 Vehicle Computer
Quick Reference Guide


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  • Page 1 VC70N0 Vehicle Computer Quick Reference Guide...
  • Page 2: Warranty

    VC70 Vehicle Computer Zebra reserves the right to make changes to any product to improve reliability, function, or design. Zebra does not assume any product liability arising out of, or in connection with, the application or use of any product, circuit, or application described herein.
  • Page 3: About This Guide

    Quick Reference Guide Introduction The VC70 is Zebra’s ultra-rugged forklift mounted computer. It is designed to maximize productivity in harsh environments. Its rugged construction and high-performance wireless networking enables real-time data access and collection in a wide range of environments — from the loading dock and freezer to the warehouse.
  • Page 4 VC70 Vehicle Computer Features Antenna Port for Optional External Antenna Ambient Light Sensor +, P1 Key -, P2 Key Keyboard, P3 Key Speaker, P4 Key Brightness Key Function LED Power Button Charging LED COMM LED Display Internal Speaker USB 2 Microphone External Speaker COM2 + CAN-bus...
  • Page 5: Optional Accessories

    Quick Reference Guide Unpacking The following items are contained in the box: • VC70 vehicle computer • This guide. Optional Accessories • Scanners (corded and wireless) and scanner cables • External speaker • DC and AC power supplies and cables •...
  • Page 6: Installing The Vc70 On A Forklift

    VC70 Vehicle Computer Installing the VC70 on a Forklift A competent engineer must perform the installation in CAUTION a vehicle. Improper installation can injure the operator and damage your vehicle and/or the VC70. Follow the instructions below to properly install the VC70 on a forklift. •...
  • Page 7: Mounting The Vehicle Computer

    Quick Reference Guide Mounting the Vehicle Computer • Determine the best position for the vehicle computer and all the associated components. If a similar vehicle computer was previously installed, check to see if the position it used is suitable for the VC70. •...
  • Page 8 VC70 Vehicle Computer Avoid Extreme Wrist Angles Optimum Wrist Positions...
  • Page 9 Quick Reference Guide U Mount Installation The U Mount (P/N: KT-U-MOUNT-VC70-R) for is used for replacing a mounted VC5090 with the VC70. Any modification to supplied mounting bracket could CAUTION cause failure of the unit and/or mountings. • Mounting surface must be flat and stiff and it must extend evenly for the entire length of the mounting bracket surface.
  • Page 10 VC70 Vehicle Computer Screw the M12x40mm hex head screws into mounting holes and tighten. Torque the hex head screws 350 ± 10% kgf-cm (300 ± 10% lbs-in). U Mount Lock Washer Hex Head Screw Flat Washer Friction Pad Friction Pad Mounting Area...
  • Page 11 Quick Reference Guide Mounting onto an Over-Head Cross-Beam Example The diagram below illustrates a typical installation where the vehicle computer is mounted onto a cross-beam. Nuts Lock Washers Flat Washers Vehicle Cross-Beam Flat Washers Lock Washers U-mount Allen Head Screws...
  • Page 12 VC70 Vehicle Computer Mounting onto an Over-Head Cage Example The diagrams below illustrates a typical installation where the vehicle computer is mounted on an overhead cage. A customer supplied mounting plate must be used that can withstand the weight of the vehicle computer under vibration and shock.
  • Page 13 Quick Reference Guide Mounting on a Dashboard or Horizontal Surface Example The diagram below illustrates a typical installation where the vehicle computer is mounted on a dashboard or horizontal flat surface. If mounting to a thin surface, a reinforcing plate maybe NOTE required.
  • Page 14 VC70 Vehicle Computer Installing the Optional QWERTY/AZERTY Keyboard The keyboard kit contains the following items: • Keyboard • Right and left mounting arms • Four Torx head screws with flat and lock washers • Six screws with captive flat and lock washers (for keyboard fastening) •...
  • Page 15 Quick Reference Guide Left Mounting Arm Torx Head Screws with Flat and Lock Washers Flat Washer Lock Washer Locking Knob Insert the keyboard locking knobs through the washers and brackets and screw into the keyboard tray. Tighten fully to lock into place. Torque the mounting arms Torx head screws to 40 + 10% kgf-cm (35 + 10% lbs-in).
  • Page 16 VC70 Vehicle Computer Do not use tools to secure connector thumbscrews. Only CAUTION tighten thumbscrews by hand. Plug the keyboard cable into one of the USB connectors and carefully tighten the thumbscrews. USB Connector Installing an Optional VC5090 Keyboard on VC70 You can install the VC5090 keyboard on the VC70 using the keyboard adapter kit (PN KT-VC50KYBD-ADPT-R).
  • Page 17 Quick Reference Guide VC70 Left Hand VC70 Spacer Bracket Torx Head Screws Cap Screws VC5090 Keyboard Locking Knob with Flat and Lock Washers Attach the VC5090 keyboard brackets (part of the VC5090 keyboard assembly) to both sides of the VC70, using the cap screws with captive washers.
  • Page 18 VC70 Vehicle Computer VC5090 Adapter Cable Connect the VC5090 Keyboard Cable here Connect to a VC70 USB Connector Do not use tools to secure connector thumbscrews. Only CAUTION tighten thumbscrews by hand. Connect the USB connector of the adapter cable into one of the VC70 USB connectors and carefully tighten the thumbscrews.
  • Page 19 Quick Reference Guide Numeric Keyboard Numeric Keyboard Mount 6 Torx Head Screws with captive washers Attach the numeric keyboard mount to the VC70, using four M5x14mm Torx head screws with captive washers.Tighten the screws. Torque the numeric keyboard Torx head screws to 20 + 10% kgf-cm (17 + 10% lbs-in).
  • Page 20 VC70 Vehicle Computer Installing the Mount on the VC70 Numeric Keyboard Connector Numeric Keyboard 4 Torx Head Screws with Captive Washers Do not use tools to secure connector thumbscrews. Only CAUTION tighten thumbscrews by hand. Connect the numeric keyboard to a free USB connector and carefully tighten the thumbscrews.
  • Page 21 Quick Reference Guide Installing a Keyboard Protection Grill To protect the VC70 keyboard, it is recommended to install a protection grill. Different grills should be used with the QWERTY/AZERTY or Numeric keyboard. Each grill kit includes the following items: • Two Securing Strings •...
  • Page 22 VC70 Vehicle Computer Installing a Scanner Mount The Scanner mount kit contains the following items: • Side accessory mount (PN KT-ACCMNT-VC70-R) with two screws, two captive lock washers and flat washers • Scanner mount (PN KT-SCANMNT-VC70-R) with four screws, four captive lock washers and flat washers Attach the scanner mount to the side accessory mount, using four M4x10mm screws with captive flat and lock washers.
  • Page 23: Installing The Vc70 On A Cart, A Wall, Or A Desktop

    Quick Reference Guide Installing the VC70 on a Cart, a Wall, or a Desktop To mount the vehicle computer on a cart, a wall, or a desktop: • Install the U-mount to the desktop. • Connect the vehicle computer to the AC power supply. Mounting the Bracket on a Desktop If mounting to a thin surface such as drywall or CAUTION...
  • Page 24 VC70 Vehicle Computer Connecting the Vehicle Computer to AC Power Use only a approved power supply, output rated 12 VDC NOTE and minimum 9A (part number 50-14000-241R). The power supply is certified to EN60950 with SELV outputs. To provide power from an AC source: Insert the AC line cord into the AC connector on the universal power supply.
  • Page 25 Quick Reference Guide Installing DC Power Supply (PSU) on VC70. Follow this procedure when using the U-mount. The PSU NOTE fastening screws are supplied with the U-mount kit. Attach the PSU to the back of the vehicle computer. Screw the four M5x14mm screws into the PSU mounting holes and tighten.
  • Page 26: Ram Mount Installation

    VC70 Vehicle Computer PSU Installation Template For Remote Installation Measurements are given in millimeters. RAM Mount Installation If mounting to a thin surface such as drywall or CAUTION plywood, a reinforcing plate is required. The RAM Double Socket Arm Mount allows the VC70 to be easily adjusted to most comfortable location.
  • Page 27 Quick Reference Guide hardware kit and bolts provided by the customer (Search for VC70 on Lock Washer Flat Washers M6 X 22 Bolt Bolt Bushing Bridge Lock Washers Adjustment Knob Double Socket Flat Washers Arm Mount Lock Washers M6 X 22 Bolt Base-mount...
  • Page 28: Installing An External Antenna

    VC70 Vehicle Computer Installing an External Antenna Zebra recommends using the Laird Technologies™ NOTE antenna, model number: WTS2450-RPSMA and Antenna Adaptor part number: RPSMA-RTRPSMA. To install an external antenna: Lift the Antenna Connector cap on top of the vehicle computer. Screw the Antenna Adaptor onto the Antenna Connector.
  • Page 29: Installing The External Roof-Mounted Antenna

    Quick Reference Guide Installing the External Roof-mounted Antenna Sharkfin Antenna 12ft (144+/-4") Cable The antenna must be installed in a location that will WARNING ensure a distance of at least 8” (20cm) between the antenna and any bystander. Do not use VC5090 antennas. NOTE For general antenna installation instructions refer to the Installation Guide supplied with the antenna.
  • Page 30: Installing An External Microphone Mount

    VC70 Vehicle Computer Tap the tab. External Devices Tap the radio button. External Antenna Connecting an External Speaker to VC70 It may be necessary to install an external speaker in noisy environments. Use a Zebra HSN4040 15 Watt water-resistant loudspeaker and connect it to the VC70 External Speaker connector using the adapter cable (PN 25-159552-01).
  • Page 31 Quick Reference Guide Attach the side mount to the VC70, using two M5x14mm screws with captive washers.Tork the screws to 20 + 10% kgf-cm (17 + 10% lbs-in). Screws with Captive Washers Screws with Captive Washers Side Mount Microphone Holder...
  • Page 32: Installing A Microsd Card

    VC70 Vehicle Computer Installing a Micro SD Card A micro SD (Secure Digital) card provides secondary non-volatile storage. The card holder is located on the right side of the VC70 under the Service door. To install the micro SD card: Remove the two T8 TORX screws securing the Service door.
  • Page 33: Electrical Power Wiring

    Quick Reference Guide Electrical Power Wiring • Establish a neat route for the cable, staying clear of moving parts or hot surfaces. • Fix the cable to existing cable runs inside the vehicle using cable ties, but make sure they are away from any moving or hot surfaces. •...
  • Page 34: Wiring Diagram

    VC70 Vehicle Computer • Keep the path between the battery and the vehicle computer as short as possible and away from any part of the ignition high tension system. Wiring Diagram Ignition Switch or Key Switch Yellow 15A Fuse 9-60V DC Vehicle Battery Black...
  • Page 35 Quick Reference Guide Connect the red wire directly to the vehicle's battery positive terminal. Connect the black wire directly to the vehicle's battery negative terminal. The vehicle computer contains an Ignition Sense feature NOTE that detects when the ignition switch or key switch is turned off and shuts the vehicle computer down after a pre-programmed time-out.
  • Page 36 VC70 Vehicle Computer 8. Secure the power cables on both sides of the power supply with cable ties as close as possible to the connectors. The VC70 display can be blanked when the vehicle is moving to eliminate driver distraction for safety considerations. To recover from display lock: Press and hold on touch screen (more than 1 second).
  • Page 37 Quick Reference Guide In the drop-down list, select the amount of Forklift Ignition Time-out time before the vehicle computer shuts down after the ignition switch or key switch is turned off. Powering the VC70 On/Off Only use the Main Power switch when removing power NOTE completely from the VC70.
  • Page 38 VC70 Vehicle Computer Main Power Switch Use the Power button on the Quick Access Panel to place the VC70 into Suspend mode or wake the VC70 from Suspend mode. Power Button This is usually enough to conserve battery power while the VC70 is idle during off time in normal operation.
  • Page 39: Charging The Internal Backup Battery

    Quick Reference Guide Charging the Internal Backup Battery After installing the VC70, leave it powered on for 6 hours to fully charge the internal backup battery. Note that the VC70 can charge the backup battery while in Suspend mode, but not if power is turned Off with the power switch.
  • Page 40: Resetting The Vehicle Computer

    VC70 Vehicle Computer Ambient Light Sensor +, P1 Button -, P2 Button Keyboard, P3 Button Speaker, P4 Button Brightness Key Function LED Power Button Charging LED COMM LED Resetting the Vehicle Computer If the vehicle computer stops responding to inputs, perform a warm boot or cold boot.
  • Page 41: Programmable Keys

    Quick Reference Guide Performing a Cold Boot A cold boot restarts the vehicle computer, but erases all stored records and entries in RAM. Data saved in flash memory or a memory card is not lost. In addition it returns formats, preferences and other settings to the factory default settings.
  • Page 42: Maintenance

    VC70 Vehicle Computer Maintenance The vehicle computer is factory-sealed. There are 3 user accessible areas: • Service door - provides access to the micro USB On-The-Go for ActiveSync without the need to disconnect any accessory, access to the Micro SD card slot and access to the desiccant. •...
  • Page 43: Replacing The Backup Battery

    Quick Reference Guide Desiccant Well Desiccant Bag Bag Tab Service Door Carefully place the service door onto the right side of the housing. Be sure to torque the screws to seal the device properly. CAUTION Otherwise, sealing can be compromised. Torque the torx head screws to 4.0 + 10% kgf-cm (3.5 ±...
  • Page 44 VC70 Vehicle Computer Backup Battery Backup Battery Connector Connect the Backup Battery connector to the connector inside the Backup Battery well. Secure the battery into location using four screws. Place the Backup Battery door over the battery and secure using the four captive screws.
  • Page 45: Troubleshooting

    Quick Reference Guide Troubleshooting Problem Cause Solution VC70 does not The power cable ignition Verify that the power cable is power on or sense wire (yellow) is not connected properly. shuts off connected properly. suddenly. Main Power switch on the Turn the Main Power switch to the on right side of the vehicle position.
  • Page 46: Regulatory Information

    All Zebra devices are designed to be compliant with rules and regulations in locations they are sold and will be labeled as required. This guide applies to Model Number VC70N0 Local language translations are available at the following website:
  • Page 47: Country Roaming

    Quick Reference Guide Please refer to the Declaration of Conformity (DoC) for details of other country markings. This is available at Note 1: For 2.4GHz or 5GHz Products: Europe includes, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
  • Page 48: Health And Safety Recommendations

    VC70 Vehicle Computer Les utilisateurs de radars de haute puissance sont désignés utilisateurs principaux (c.-à-d., qu'ils ont la priorité) pour les bands 5250-5350 MHz et 5650-5850 MHz et que ces radars pourraient causer du brouillage et/ou des dommages aux dispositifs LAN-EL. 2.4 GHz Only The available channels for 802.11 b/g/n operation in the US are Channels 1 to 11.
  • Page 49 Quick Reference Guide bag deployment area. If in-vehicle wireless equipment is improperly installed and the air bag inflates, serious injury could result. Position your device within easy reach. Be able to access your device without removing your eyes from the road. Connection to an alert device that will cause a vehicle horn to NOTE sound or lights to flash, on receipt of a call on public roads, is...
  • Page 50: Rf Exposure Guidelines

    VC70 Vehicle Computer • Should ALWAYS keep the device more than 15cm (6 inches) from their pacemaker when turned ON. • Should not carry the device in a breast pocket. • Should use the ear furthest from the pacemaker to minimise the potential for interference.
  • Page 51: Power Supply

    Quick Reference Guide US and Canada Co-located Statement To comply with FCC RF exposure compliance requirement, the antenna used for this transmitter must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any other transmitter/antenna except those already approved in this filling. Industry Canada Statement IMPORTANT NOTE: Radiation Exposure Statement: This equipment complies with IC radiation exposure limits set forth for...
  • Page 52 VC70 Vehicle Computer Taiwan - Recycling EPA (Environmental Protection Administration) requires dry battery producing or importing firms in accordance with Article 15 of the Waste Disposal Act are required to indicate the recycling marks on the batteries used in sales, giveaway or promotion.
  • Page 53: Radio Frequency Interference Requirements - Fcc

    Quick Reference Guide • Do not use incompatible batteries and chargers. Use of an incompatible battery or charger may present a risk of fire, explosion, leakage, or other hazard. If you have any questions about the compatibility of a battery or a charger, contact Zebra support. •...
  • Page 54: Radio Frequency Interference Requirements - Canada

    VC70 Vehicle Computer on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna • Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver • Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected •...
  • Page 55: Marking And European Economic Area (Eea)

    Australia-Use of 5 GHz RLAN's in Australia is restricted in the following band 5.50 - 5.65GHz. Brazil-Nota: A marca de certificação se aplica ao Transceptor, modelo VC70N0. Este equipamento opera em caráter secundário, isto é, não tem direito a proteção contra interferência prejudicial, mesmo de estações do mesmo tipo, e não pode...
  • Page 56 VC70 Vehicle Computer Para maiores informações sobre ANATEL consulte o site: Chile-Este equipo cumple con la Resolución No 403 de 2008, de la Subsecretaria de telecomunicaciones, relativa a radiaciones electromagnéticas. China- Mexico- Restrict Frequency Range to: 2.450 - 2.4835 GHz. South Korea-For a radio equipment using 2400~2483.5MHz or 5725~5825MHz, the following two expression should be displayed;...
  • Page 57: Waste Electrical And Electronic Equipment (Weee)

    Quick Reference Guide Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) English: For EU Customers: All products at the end of their life must be returned to Zebra for recycling. For information on how to return product, please go to: Français: Clients de l'Union Européenne: Tous les produits en fin de cycle de vie doivent être retournés à...
  • Page 58: Turkish Weee Statement Of Compliance

    VC70 Vehicle Computer módjával kapcsolatos tudnivalókért látogasson el a weboldalra. Slovenski: Za kupce v EU: vsi izdelki se morajo po poteku življenjske dobe vrniti podjetju Zebra za reciklažo. Za informacije o vraèilu izdelka obišèite: Svenska: För kunder inom EU: Alla produkter som uppnått sin livslängd måste returneras till Zebra för återvinning.
  • Page 59: Software Support

    Quick Reference Guide Software Support Zebra wants to ensure that customers have the latest release of entitled software at the time of product purchase. To confirm that your Zebra device shipped with the latest release of entitled software, visit: Check for the latest software from Software Downloads >...
  • Page 60: Service Information

    Service Information If you have a problem using the equipment, contact your facility’s Technical or Systems Support. If there is a problem with the equipment, they will contact the Zebra Support at: For the latest version of this guide go to: Zebra Technologies Corporation Lincolnshire, IL U.S.A.

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