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Networking Documents.


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  • Page 1 Networking Documents.
  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    Safety instructions Please read and follow all warnings and instructions. If the display is broken, a weak acid may leak out. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. The fax machine should be installed on a level and stable surface. The surface should be smooth and If the casing or the mains cable is damaged, unplug horizontal.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Installation ..... 4 Fax ....... 18 Packaging ..............4 Inserting a document ..........18 Description .............. 5 Sending a fax ............18 Control Panel ............6 Resolution .............. 18 Accessories ............. 7 Reducing ............... 18 Inserting paper ............8 Memory ..............
  • Page 4: Installation

    Installation Packaging The shipment includes the following parts: Toner cartridge Document holder Fax machine with paper tray Document exit tray Telephone cable with connector Printer cable User Manual CD-Rom for connecting to a computer Installation Guide...
  • Page 5: Description

    Description Document feeder (Maximum 15 pages) Document holder Document guide Control panel Cover Space for entering names Document exit tray Cover grip Paper exit tray pull out of paper tray Cover for paper tray Paper tray (Maximum 125 pages) to the power supply to the telephone socket Toner cartridge Paper eject lever...
  • Page 6: Control Panel

    Control Panel Indicates that your fax machine is transmitting / /print- ing from the PC If this symbol flashes please read the display RESOLUTION Improves the clarity of text and drawings when sending and copying Select options / set volume / move display cursor STOP MENU Interrupts the process / ejects the document...
  • Page 7: Accessories

    Accessories Document holder Document exit tray Insert the paper holder firmly into the opening behind Insert the document exit tray gently into the opening the document feeder until it blocks. under the control panel. For non-standard documents (e.g. larger than A4) just extend the tray. Paper exit tray The paper exit tray is permanently attached to the paper tray.
  • Page 8: Inserting Paper

    6 Carefully push in the paper tray. Inserting paper 1 Pull out the paper tray. v Do not fill the paper tray above the mark. Do not insert paper when the machine is printing. Do not use paper that has already been printed by a laser 2 Fan the paper to prevent more than one sheet being printer as this can lead to paper jams.
  • Page 9: Changing Toner

    3 Press START/COPY and choose the country where the fax machine will be used with u. 4 Confirm with START/COPY. After warming up the D Only use TOSHIBA original toner. You can order toner machine passes into the energy save mode. cartridges directly from TOSHIBA.
  • Page 10: Isdn Connection

    Separate sockets v The exchange code is provided by the manufacturer. It may be 0, R (known as FLASH on You can connect additional devices to separate sockets some systems) or any other digit. on the same line even if they are in different rooms. D In case your PABX requires R to obtain an outside Please note: If you connect additional devices to se- line but it is still not possible to get through to the...
  • Page 11: Software Installation

    Software installation 1 Close down all programs on the computer. 2 Insert the installation CD provided with the fax machine. 3 Start the program “setup.exe” on the installation CD. Follow the instructions on the screen. 4 Once this is complete, re-start the computer. D To uninstall the FAX printer software select the menu Programs / FAX printer / Uninstall FAX printer.
  • Page 12: Basic Settings

    Basic settings 2 Press START/COPY. The display shows ENTeR Country selection NaME. 3 Enter your name using the keypad. Use > to move 1 To select the country press MENU and 18. The the cursor one position to the right. Use < to delete display shows 18 COUNTRY.
  • Page 13: Volume

    Volume Toner save mode The toner save mode decreases the consumption of Ringing tone the toner. Printing quality may fall off. You can set the volume of the ringing tone when the 1 Press MENU and 335. The display shows SAVE machine is in standby mode or is actually ringing.
  • Page 14: Fax Switch

    Fax switch The built-in fax switch enables a single telephone connection to be used to send and receive faxes and use extra devices. There are two operating modes. Your machine is preset to AUTO mode. 1 The desired operating mode can be selected using AUTO/MANU.
  • Page 15: Dial Options

    Dial options Speed dial list Re-dialling 1 Press MENU, 662 and START/COPY. You can redial the last five numbers: 2 The speed dial list will be printed out. 1 Press PP for the last five numbers dialed. Phonebook 2 Press u until the number you want appears. 3 The machine will dial the number automatically.
  • Page 16: Groups

    4 Press STOP. 5 Use u to select DELETE? Y and press START/ a If you want to enter further numbers, use u to COPY to confirm. If you don't want to delete the select ANOTHER? Y and enter the numbers you entry, press STOP.
  • Page 17: Calling Line Identification

    Calling line identification (not available in all countries) Your fax machine can display the number of the sender. Check with your telephone company whether you can activate this function on your telephone line. The numbers of the last twenty senders are stored. Printing a caller list The caller list contains the numbers of the last twenty fax calls received, provided the senders have activated...
  • Page 18: Fax

    v It is best only to use A4 documents (80 g/m Sending a fax Documents smaller than A5 may jam in the machine. 1 Dial the number. v Do not try to send documents that are 2 To improve the image quality press RESOLUTI- ...
  • Page 19: Memory

    1 Place the document to be faxed (maximum of 15 Limit sheets) loosely in the document feeder, face down. This function lets you select the amount by which an 2 Press MEMORY, 2 and START/COPY. over-long fax is to be reduced. a If you want to sent the fax immediately, select 1 1 Press MENU and 334.
  • Page 20: Sending Later

    a If you want to sent the fax to a group, use u to 2 Press MENU, 442 and START/COPY. select GROUP and press START/COPY. Use u 3 Enter the code which you have received from your to select the group. You can also use the digit keys fax partner (up to 20 digits) and press START/COPY.
  • Page 21: Transmit Polling

    D If you wish to cancel the entire process, press Reception speed MENU, 771 and START/COPY. Transmit polling If the telephone connection used for reception is poor, errors may occur at normal speed (14,400 bps). In such cases it is best to reduce the speed. When you have You can program your fax machine to send documents successfully received the fax, remember to set your when it is polled by a remote fax machine.
  • Page 22: Copy - Scan - Printing

    Copy - Scan - Printing 2 There are two ways you can call up the scan function: Copy a Click on the START symbol on the left lower edge of your screen. Choose the Program menu and You can use your fax machine to make copies of an select FAX printer.
  • Page 23: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Maintenance Open the cover and take the toner out of the PAPER JAM machine. Pull the green lever towards you. Carefully Received faxes or copies are not ejected. remove the paper without tearing it. Take out the paper cassette and remove the paper. CHECK PAPER Fan it and straighten it on a smooth surface and replace it.
  • Page 24 If the copy is also too light the toner is almost all gone. Shake the cartridge a few times. If the toner cartridge is empty, replace it. You can obtain toner from specialist retailers or directly from TOSHIBA. Only use TOSHIBA original toner cartridges. There are white lines on the printout.
  • Page 25: Error Codes

    Error codes Error codes when sending faxes Problem # 102 No document in the feeder. # 104 Fault on the telephone line. # 105 The receiving fax machine has a transmission error. # 109 The receiving fax machine is not responding. # 110 There is no signal from the receiving fax machine at the end of transmission.
  • Page 26 # 160 The machine is not correctly connected to the telephone line or there is no signal from the sending fax machine. # 161 At the end of the reception process the sending fax machine does not send a signal or the connection was interrupted.
  • Page 27: Annex

    Annex Relative humidity 20-80 % (relative) Security EN 60950, IEC 60825-1 Technical data Interference To EN 55022 class B Immunity To EN 55024 Compatibility ITU-T Group 3 Slerexe-Letter: Connection type Exchange line (PSTN) / Extension (PABX) Flash times Exchange line (PSTN): 100 ms Extension (PABX): 100 ms Document size...
  • Page 28: Glossary

    Imaging Systems GmbH (including its employees, single telephone line. agents and sub-contractors) to any purchaser or user ("User") of the e-STUDIO 80F, including its Calling line identification: When you receive a fax the accessories, options and bundled software number of the sender is displayed (not in all countries).
  • Page 29 • whatsoever and howsoever caused which arise out of or in connection with the Product or the use or handling of the Product even if TOSHIBA TEC Germany Imaging Systems GmbH is advised of the possibility of such damages.
  • Page 30: Declaration Of Conformity

    EN 61000-3-2 :1995 + A1 :1998 + A2 :1998 Technical changes and errors excepted. EN 61000-3-3 :1995 Copyright 2003 © TOSHIBA TEC Germany Imaging Systems GmbH. Additionally: Council Decision 1998 / 482 / EC of 20.07.98 (CTR 21)
  • Page 31: Index

    Index insert 18 START/COPY 6 connection 10 security 18 STOP 6 key 6 accessories 7 enlarge lamp key 6 additional copy 22 display 6 reception mode telephone 14 enter list AUTO/MANU 6 annex 27 character 12 group 17 redial AUTO date and time 12 settings 13 number 6...
  • Page 32 TOTOSHIBA TEC Germany Imaging Systems GmbH Carl-Schurz-Str. 7 41460 Neuss, Germany Tel +49/(0)2131/1245-0 Fax +49/(0)2131/1245-402

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