Toshiba e-STUDIO 282 Sales Manual

Toshiba e-STUDIO 282 Sales Manual

Toshiba printer sales guide
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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    SALES GUIDE Chapter Page Introduction...2 Quick Overview...4 Optional Configuration...6 Predecessor Comparison...8 Features & Benefits...10 Purchase Motivations...28 Competitor Comparisons...38 Specifications...42...
  • Page 2: Introduction

    Achieving these and similar goals were contributing factors for implementing Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE technology into our line of multifunctional systems, and the driving force behind the development of the 2nd Generation technology.
  • Page 3 It is also important to point out that the integrated multifunctionality of the e- STUDIO232/282 will play a vital role for analogue users seeking a flexible and durable system by offering higher usability and network connectivity.
  • Page 4: Quick Overview

    QUICK OVERVIEW The e-STUDIO232/282 builds upon the success of its predecessor with even more office productivity and data security, and continues to incorporate the same clear and sharp image reproduction quality made possible through the refined toner design have also been adopted for better workflow control whilst keeping overall running costs at a minimum.
  • Page 5 STRONGER FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION & PERFORMANCE The e-STUDIO232/282 ranks at the top of its class by incorporating both basic and advanced features to help users’ expand their business scope and overall performance. The expandable architecture enables users to match their current and future business requirements through the many flexible options.
  • Page 6: Optional Configuration

    OPTIONAL CONFIGURATION The e-STUDIO232/282 comes with several enhancements such as standard multifunctional solutions that ensures a quick response to any business situation. Unlocking the full potential of the network ready MFP system is easily done via the expandable architecture with its integrated e-BRIDGE technology.
  • Page 7 Platen cover Work Tray KA-3511PC KK-3511 All-in-One, Auto Duplexing Unit e-BRIDGE CONTROLLER Stack Feed Bypass Network Interface 2 Drawers Paper Feed Pedestal KD-1011 Drawer Module MY-1021 Large Capacity Feeder KD-1012 Network Printer/Scanner Option Printer Kit GM-1070 Printer/Scanner Kit GM-2070 Scanner Kit GM-4070 Wireless Option Wireless LAN Module...
  • Page 8: Predecessor Comparison

    2nd generation e-BRIDGE technology. At the same time as incorporating improved support for the latest in network infrastructures, the e-STUDIO232/282 also places a stronger emphasis on high level data security and access restrictions in all aspects of sharing and managing data.
  • Page 9 General Features Control Panel Display 1/2 VGA LCD Touch Panel Tilt Keyboard QWERTY (Soft Keypad) Template Copy Scan Warm-up Time Toner Recycle Toner Yield Department code Paper Handling Features Paper Weight Cassette 64 - 105 g/m Bypass (Multi-feed) 64 - 209 g/m...
  • Page 10: Features & Benefits

    FEATURES & BENEFITS The e-STUDIO232/282 provide all the advantages of a digital copier and satisfy the versatility and flexibility of a multifunctional system with outstanding quality and speed. With our unique network ready MFP design, users will have quick access to a multitude of templates and other simple step-by-step features that delivers maximum value for minimum outlay.
  • Page 11 Advanced Job Reservation The large memory capacity of the e-STUDIO232/282 makes it possible to realise advanced automation and reservation capabilities. Users can Pre-Scan documents while the system is warming up, which automatically initiates the job after the system is ready. This Auto Job Start capability is supplemented by the advanced...
  • Page 12 SORTING Job Build The e-studio232/282 is equipped with the unique Job Build function in copying mode. This feature enables combinations of different jobs, so if your original contains pages that have to be handled differently such as single or double sided, varying enlargements or reductions, various image quality settings to name just a few- these can be combined as a single job.
  • Page 13 SPEED The e-STUDIO232/282 are faster and more efficient than previous models, providing users with many customisable, result-oriented and multifunctional features such as high-speed print/scan, concurrent multi-job tasks, and easy operation that will help maximise productivity. High Performance Processor and High-Speed Memory The e-STUDIO232/282’s 2nd generation e-BRIDGE technology makes a...
  • Page 14 Keeping track on expenditure and striving towards the highest cost-benefit to a business is a sound practice that is relevant today more than ever. With the release of the e-STUDIO232/282 users now have access to the latest tool-kit for combating waste in resources and time.
  • Page 15 Energy Star for their energy saving design initiatives. We have further restricted the use of certain hazardous substances as stipulated in the international RoHS Directive. Also, Toshiba has a long tradition of promoting the use of recyclable plastic, lead- and halogen-free materials on Toshiba’s printed circuit boards, as well as chromium (VI) free steel plates and screws.
  • Page 16 This simple and easy-to-understand user-interface are design fundamentals for enhancing business practices and achieving cost-efficient work procedures. The e-STUDIO232/282 offer just that by building on the success of their predecessors and by adopting the latest knowledge in optimised ergonomics and ergonometrics.
  • Page 17 Time Saving Templates The template function is highly useful for defining frequently used settings and speeding up overall workflow, its as simple as clicking a single graphic icon. The many preset templates offer immediate time saving and operational simplicity that can be further enhanced with the Auto Start function. Easy-to-Use Printer Driver The Printer Driver offers a simple and intuitive layout for sending complex jobs to print in minimal time.
  • Page 18: Printer Driver

    Sharper and Smoother Copied Text and Graphics Digital copiers are well known for their excellent reproduction of characters and graphics, and thanks to Toshiba’s original Serial Filter and Sharp Edge Processing technology, every printout of the e-STUDIO232/282 provide superb image quality with crystal clear rendition of even handwritten text and signatures written in pencil.
  • Page 19 Toshiba have always given high priority to developing strong paper handling features in all our MFP products. The e-STUDIO232/282 can play a vital role in the most demanding document workflow due to their ability to control almost every step in the process, providing document input, transmission, editing, output, storage and even e-Filing capabilities.
  • Page 20 Optional Finishers Finishing is an essential part of any paper handling and printing process that produces different types of documents. The e-STUDIO232/282 offer a Job Separator MJ-5004 and an Offset Tray MJ-5005 that ensure high output productivity by separating or offsetting the print/copy output. In addition, the hanging-type Finisher MJ-1022 and a Saddle-stitch Finisher MJ-1025 makes it easy to produce multiple copy/print sets and complex print jobs.
  • Page 21 EXPANDABILITY The modular architecture of the e-STUDIO232/282 and the many available Expansion Kits ensure a faster response to business situations. Building on the flexible e-BRIDGE technology, it is easy for users to activate options to the already standard copy and network capabilities.
  • Page 22 SMB/FTP retrieval. In a similar way, by using the Scan to e-Filing (Scan to Box) enables users to store the scanned images in an e-Filing box, on the hard drive of the e-STUDIO232/282, for easy centralised access to scanned images via the TWAIN driver or “File Downloader”.
  • Page 23 Managing Wireless LAN Compatibility The e-STUDIO232/282 are full Network MFP systems that have the option to be implemented into a Wireless LAN compatible with the high-speed IEEE802.11g standard. With a top speed of 54 Mbps, it is possible to quickly establish cost-efficient wireless high-speed network environments without the hassle of network cables.
  • Page 24: Special Features

    Hard Drive Data Security In a multi-user environment information security is essential, and several solutions are available to extend the level of security of the e-STUDIO232/282. As standard, Toshiba’s proprietary compression technology offers high data security and makes it almost impossible to extract information even if the hard drive was removed.
  • Page 25 SMTP/LDAP Authentication are also available. IP Address Filtering is another way of controlling access to the e-STUDIO232/282 by limiting the access based on the individual client PC’s IP address. In this way it is possible to strengthen security by blocking certain IP address or range of IP values, and only allow designated client PCs to gain machine access.
  • Page 26 The Service Notification reports the Total Counter, PM Counter and Service Call notifications and automatically informs the status of the e-STUDIO232/282 to the service provider by email or regular fax*. In the same way, the Auto Supply Order function automatically orders the toner and used toner container.
  • Page 27: Features List

    Features List Item MFP General Features Templates Easy-to-Use Wide Control Panel Unified Address Book Mixed Sized Scans Energy Savings Copying Features Memory Copy Duplex N-in-1 Magazine Sort Electronic Sort Alternation Image Shift Background/Sharpness Adjustment Job Reservation Time Stamp/Page Numbering Center Erase Edge Erase Dual Page Copying X-Y Zoom...
  • Page 28: Purchase Motivations

    I become more efficient and achieve greater productivity while reducing costs and time? The standard hard drive of the digital e-STUDIO232/282 enables the use of easy and instantaneous electronic sorting of documents without the need for mechanical sorters.
  • Page 29 The e-STUDIO232/282 offer several ways to reduce paper consumption and also introduce effective steps towards a paperless office environment. Among those most effective are both N-in-1 and Duplex functionality that allow users to condense multiple originals onto one or both sides of a single sheet, thereby saving time, paper and printing costs.
  • Page 30: Image Quality Adjustment

    I’ve heard that your digital copier has many rich features, but I’m wondering if they are easy to use? The overall control panel of the e-STUDIO232/282 is designed to be wider and more readily visible making it easy to use. Moreover, the control panel is tiltable to convenient viewing angle for many users.
  • Page 31 I was wondering if you have a solution resolving that problem? The e-STUDIO232/282 utilises an advanced toner recycling system that even removes the need for the common waste toner bag. Improvements have also been made to the life span of the toner cartridge. As a result, the frequent and troublesome process of replacing the toner has been reduced substantially, and the waste toner bag has become obsolete.
  • Page 32 However adding extra options or additional software solutions is often a costly affair, so what kind of solution do you offer? The e-STUDIO232/282 comes standard with a Network Interface that is used to provide a network connection for many useful features such as automatic service notification, and scanning to file or TWAIN.
  • Page 33 How can we avoid this problem? The e-STUDIO232/282 allows the service person to make image quality adjustments and to individually set a custom mode for that special image, thereby avoiding any adverse affect on your normal settings.
  • Page 34: High Productivity

    This is a tedious process, so I was wondering what kind of solution you offer? The scanner option of the e-STUDIO232/282 operates at a speed of 50 spm with the optional RADF and also has the ability to automatically handle documents that are double sided and up to A3 in size.
  • Page 35 Yes, we have a good solution to get you organised that is also a standard feature of this machine. The e-STUDIO232/282 is equipped with a Copy to e-Filing that stores the copy images directly into the registered e-Filing box in the HDD. It is therefore very easy to register frequently used fax forms or even letterheads and combine them with various data for printing out at a more convenient time.
  • Page 36: Remote Service

    The e-STUDIO232/282 support many remote monitoring features that are both cost efficient and performance enhancing. Automatic system notifications via email can notify the service department that attention is required for preventative maintenance or breakdown and will even transmit meter readings without user intervention.
  • Page 37 What solution do you offer to help prevent these errors and waste of resources? The e-STUDIO232/282 come with two efficient and easy-to-use functions ideal for large print or copy jobs consisting of many sets. For instance, the Proof Print allows users to print out only one single set as a proof when printing more than one set of documents.
  • Page 38: Competitor Comparisons

    Std./Max. Phonebook (including speed dial) Network Fax Security Feature HDD Encryption HDD Data Overwrite * " - " is not available TOSHIBA CANON e-STUDIO232 iR2270 25 sec. 30 sec. 637 x 715 x 739 mm 565 x 700 x 761 mm 74.8 kg...
  • Page 39 Konica Minolta KYOCERA MITA bizhub 200/250 KM-2050 / KM-2550 20 / 25 20 / 25 24 sec. 20 sec. 677 x 710 x 718 mm 570 x 592 x 607 mm 74 kg 47 kg 1/4 VGA Touch Panel Original size LCD Yes (3 angles) Individual Type Individual Type...
  • Page 40 Std./Max. Phonebook (including speed dial) Network Fax Security Feature HDD Encryption HDD Data Overwrite * " - " is not available TOSHIBA CANON e-STUDIO282 iR2870 25 sec. 30 sec. 637 x 715 x 739 mm 565 x 700 x 761 mm 74.8 kg...
  • Page 41 Konica Minolta KYOCERA MITA Di3010 / f KM-3035 17 sec. / 22 sec. 25 sec. 677 x 710 x 718 mm 585 x 646 x 745 mm 23" x 25" x 29" 74 kg 82 kg 1/4 VGA Touch panel 1 / 2 VGA Touch Panel Yes (3 angles) Individual Type...
  • Page 42: Specifications

    Template, IP filing, Department codes (1000 kinds), User authentication 16/16* cpm (A3) *e-STUDIO232/282 respectively. Zoom ...25 % to 400 % in 1 % increments (platen), 25 % to 200 % in 1 % increments (RADF) Masking, APS/AMS, Help/Info. Function, Auto job start, Auto drawer...
  • Page 43 IP Addressing ...Static IP, Auto IP, BOOTP, DHCP, Dynamic DNS (DHCP server) Printing Protocols ...Windows Printing (SMB), LPR/LPD, IPP ver1.1, NetWare P-SERVER with NDS/Binary/TOSHIBA NPDS Gateway/LPD with iPRINT, Apple Talk PAP or EtherTalk, Port9100 (bi-directional) Client software ...Windows printer driver, UNIX print filter, Macintosh printer driver, Network device management utility (TopAccessDocMon), Special features ...Scheduled print, Private print, Proof print, Print to overlay file, Store to...
  • Page 44 SPECIFICATIONS Internet Fax Specifications (Option : GM-00 or GM-00) Connectivity ...T.37 (Simple mode) File format ...TIFF-S Resolution ...Standard (8 x 3.85 dots/mm), Fine (8 x 7.7 dots/mm) Document size ...A3, B4, A4, A4-R, B5, B5-R, A5, A5-R , FOLIO Address Book ...1,000 destinations (Shared with fax number when installing Fax Broadcast transmission ...Maximum 400 destinations per job (including fax numbers) Message size limitation ...Maximum 30MB Message Division ...Page by page...
  • Page 45 Paper Handling Options *Not mentioned paper weights are 80 g/m Reversing Automatic Document Feeder (RADF) MR-00 Stack capacity ...100 sheets (A3 to A5-R) Original setting ...Face up Original paper size ...A3 to A5-R Original paper weight ...35-157 g/m Dimensions (W x D x H) ...600 mm x 523 mm x 135 mm Weight: ...12.5 kg Paper Feed Pedestal (PFP) KD-1011 Paper supply ...Maximum 550 sheets or paper height 60.5 mm...
  • Page 46: Other Options

    SPECIFICATIONS Finisher (Hanging type) MJ-10 Trays ...2 trays Upper tray capacity ...200 sheets (A4, B5, B5-R, A4-R) Lower tray capacity ...700 sheets (A4, B5, B5-R, A4-R) Paper size ...A3 to A5-R Staple position ...1 position Staple capacity ...30 sheets (A4, A4-R, B5) Upper tray capacity of staple mode : Lower tray capacity of staple mode : Dimensions (W x D x H) ...451 mm x 539 mm x 590 mm...
  • Page 47 Toshiba printed circuit boards are 100% free of lead and halogen materials, plastic parts are halogen free, and Chromium (VI) free is also achieved for steel plates and screws.
  • Page 48 For hard drives, GB means 1 billion bytes. Total hard drive accessible capacity may vary depending on operating environment. Design and specifications subject to change without notice. All rights reserved. No part of this material may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without permission. Copyright © 2005 TOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION...

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