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If Your Telephone Is Not Working Perfectly - Siemens Euroset 5010 Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
Additional services in
public telephone
Public telephone systems - in
some cases by special order/
request - offer you a range of
additional services (e.g. call
divert, call back on busy,
three-party conference etc.).
These services can be selected
using specified key combina-
tions, which your network
provider will notify you of. You
can save these key combina-
tions to the repertory keys.
Not all additional services
mentioned are available in all
Recall key (use in public
telephone systems)
In public telephone systems,
this key is required to use cer-
tain additional services.
The appropriate flash time for
the specific country must be
set before using the recall key;
see "Setting the flash time
(interruption) for the recall
Belgium, Netherlands,
Switzerland: 120 ms.
France, Luxembourg, Por-
tugal, Germany: 270 ms.
Other European countries:
100 ms.
To clean, wipe with a moist or
antistatic cloth only, never
with a dry cloth (risk of elec-
trostatic charging and
discharge) or strong cleaning
If your telephone is not
working perfectly
Lift handset, no dialling
tone: Is the connecting line
correctly plugged into the tel-
ephone and the telephone
Dialling tone audible but tel-
ephone will not dial : The
connection is OK. Is the dial-
ling mode set correctly? See
"Changing the dialling mode".
PABX only: No connection or
incorrect connection when
dialling from memory (e.g.
last number redial, speed
dial): Program external line
Recall key does not work: Set
appropriate flash time.
Insert strips
Blank insert strips for the rep-
ertory keys can be found on
the Internet at http://www.sie-
If you should encounter any
problems when operating the
telephone connected to a
communication system with
analogue network access,
please contact the network
operator responsible or your
The telephone you have pur-
chased is designed for
operation in your country, as
marked on the packaging and
on the unit.
The CE mark attests to the
phone's compliance with the
essential requirements of the
R&TTE directive.

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Table of Contents