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Wall Mounting; Safety Precautions; Setting Up The Telephone For Use - Siemens Euroset 5010 Instructions Manual

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Wall mounting

(see figure)
Once the connecting leads
have been connected, you can
mount the telephone on the
Drill two dowel holes
(5 mm ∅) 110mm apart,
insert dowels and screw in

Safety precautions

When installing, connecting
and operating the telephone,
always observe the following
Only use the jacks and
leads supplied.
Only connect the connect-
ing lead to the intended
Only connect approved
Lay the connecting lead
where it will not cause
Position the telephone on
a non-slip surface.
For your safety and protec-
tion, the telephone may
not be used in the bath or
shower rooms (wet loca-
tions). The telephone is
not splash proof.
Never expose the tele-
phone to sources of heat,
direct sunlight or other
electrical devices.
Protect your telephone
from moisture, dust, cor-
rosive liquids and vapours.
countersunk head wood
screws with a slight gap to
the wall.
On underside of tele-
phone: Lift out handset
bracket with screwdriver.
Clip handset bracket into
handset shell mounting.
Hang telephone on pro-
jecting screw heads.
Never open up the tele-
phone yourself.
Do not touch the plug con-
tact with pointed or metal-
lic objects.
Do not carry the telephone
by the leads.
If you give your telephone
to someone else, make
sure you also give them
the operating manual.
Setting up the
telephone for use
installation of telephone
Do not expose the tele-
phone to direct sunlight or
other sources of heat.
Operate at temperatures
of between +5°C and
Maintain a distance of at
least one metre between
the telephone and radio
equipment, e.g. radio tel-
ephones, radio pagers or
TV sets. Otherwise, tele-

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Table of Contents