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Additional Information; If Your Telephone Is Not Functioning Correctly - Siemens 2010 User Manual

Siemens user's guide corded telephone 2010
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euroset 2010,IM1, A31008-E2010-B100-2-3S19
Using functions for additional services on
public telephone systems
Your public telephone system offers a range of additional useful services -
some of them only available on order/application (e.g. call forwarding, call-
back on busy, three-way conferences, etc.). These services can be select-
ed using fixed key combinations obtainable from your network operator.
These key combinations can also be stored on repertory keys.
Recall key (on public telephone systems)
This key is required in order to use certain additional services on public
telephone systems.
Depending on the country where the telephone is used, it may be neces-
sary to set the appropriate flash time (see "Setting the flash time for the re-
call key"):
– Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland:
– France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Germany:
– Argentina

Additional information

If your telephone is not functioning correctly

Handset off-hook, no dial tone: is the connecting cord correctly inserted
in the telephone and the wall socket?
A dial tone is audible, but dialing is not possible: the connection is OK.
Is the dialing mode correctly set? See Switching the dialing mode.
PABXs only: Connection fails or is incorrect when a number is dialed from
memory (e.g. redial, speed dialing): program the exchange code.
Recall key not working: set a suitable flash time.
Your dealer will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about
how to operate the phone. Questions about the telephone line should be
addressed to your network operator.
120 ms (code 1)
270 ms (code 2)
375 ms (code 3).
– 8 –
- English -

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