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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Orange Personal Communications Services Limited. Orange Personal Communications Services Limited. PO Box 10 Patchway Bristol BS32 4BQ OBS ISSUE 1 Z : h 15 to using your Nokia 6100 Produced by Clear ® the explanation agency...
  • Page 2 welcome This guide provides you with all the information you need to use your phone, from making a call to texting a friend. You can also find out more about the wide range of services offered by Orange to keep you in touch and informed whether you’re at home, at work or abroad.
  • Page 3: Insert Your Sim Card

    insert your SIM Card insert and charge your battery Look for the plastic card that is in your Insert the SIM Card into the raised silver insert the battery charge the battery Orange box. If you cannot find it, the bracket, so it is held in place by the SIM Card may have already been ends, with the cut off corner in the...
  • Page 4 registration products that could be useful to you. Your address acknowledging and deleting your if your phone wasn’t If you answer No, Orange will not Including the postcode. SIM update: registered with Orange communicate with you unless it is in your Orange phone number connection with your own account.
  • Page 5: Colour Screen

    6100 you can... get to know your phone decide how to manage your calls Navigate the menus send and receive photo download applications Menu map Orange Answer Phone Symbols on your display Answer Phone Call Return messages...
  • Page 6: Get To Know Your Phone

    keep in touch using ensure your phone is get to know additional features secure Conference Calling 10.1 SIM Card PIN Line 2 10.2 Fixed Dialling your phone Wirefree connections 10.3 Call Barring Synchronisation 10.4 Security code Orange Answer Fax 10.5 Manufacturer’s warranty Orange Assistant have fun on your phone...
  • Page 7: Switch Your Phone On

    1 - get to know your phone switch your phone on make your selection power key To switch your phone on press and hold The soft keys control how you choose a press and hold to switch the power key on the top of function.
  • Page 8: Explore The Menus

    1 - get to know your phone explore the menus Messages Call register Profiles Settings Alarm clock Gallery Missed calls General Time and date settings Text messages Set alarm time View folders Received calls Silent Call settings Add folder Multimedia msgs. Dialled numbers Meeting Phone settings...
  • Page 9: Make Calls

    1 - get to know your phone How do I change my phone’s ring tone? symbols on your display make calls From the main display press Menu to enter Antenna the main menu. Scroll to highlight Settings The more bars visible, the stronger the signal and press Select.
  • Page 10: Make A Call

    2 - make calls make a call listen to calls at the right press and hold this button to turn your phone on volume When you are on a call press the top button to increase the earpiece volume or the bottom button to decrease the volume.
  • Page 11: Redialling A Number

    Press once. You can also put an active call on hold, You can use your Nokia 6100 as a Scroll through the phone numbers using The sound of two beeps when you are make a second call and then return to speakerphone if you need to keep your keys.
  • Page 12 2 - make calls during a call you may wish Note: This service depends on the caller manage your contacts allowing their number to be seen. to speak to someone privately know who is calling you, or using your phonebook Sometimes you may need to say something hide your number when to another person that you don’t want your...
  • Page 13 3 - manage your contacts using your phonebook store the names and To add a new entry to your phonebook: Select a type for the number. Note: You can only add additional numbers Choose from: and information to contacts stored in the numbers of your friends, At the main display, key in the phone General...
  • Page 14 3 - manage your contacts using your phonebook Orange Directory Enquiries Which phonebook should I save my delete unwanted contacts copy numbers between numbers in? from your phonebook your phone and SIM Card Call Orange Directory Enquiries for one step You can store up to 90 names and numbers access to any numbers you need.
  • Page 15 Press Search to choose the name and keep your phonebook the first 90 contacts saved will be number that you wish to assign then Your Nokia 6100 can send and receive organised by dividing your transferred. press Select twice. contact information in the form of business...
  • Page 16 3 - manage your contacts using your phonebook Select Group name and enter a new So, if the worst happens, they will still be decide how to name. Press OK. available to you. Select Group members, then press Add. Your phonebook will open. Scroll For a low one-off charge you can purchase manage your calls through it and press Add to add a new...
  • Page 17 4 - decide how to manage your calls Answer Phone Call Return what happens when you use Answer Phone personalising your Answer get an Answer Phone shortcuts to manage your Phone greeting You can use Answer Phone Call Return return a call after someone has left a message message? messages efficiently Your Answer Phone comes with a standard...
  • Page 18 4 - decide how to manage your calls set up an Answer Phone when you can’t take your Phone messages from any other phone To activate a divert: even while abroad. To use this service you calls, why not divert them must set up an Answer Phone PIN.
  • Page 19: Send And Receive Text Messages

    4 - decide how to manage your calls To cancel your diverts: send and receive From the main display press Menu to enter the main menu. Scroll to Settings text messages and press Select. Select Call settings. Select the type of divert you want to cancel.
  • Page 20 5 - send and receive text messages explore a new world To send a photo message: To read a photo message: Forward to number Send this message on to another of messages with Press Menu, select Messages and then When you receive a photo message you phone number.
  • Page 21 5 - send and receive text messages How do I know which symbols are text messages are fun, save time using predictive send the same text available on which keys? quick and convenient text input message to more than symbol one person .
  • Page 22 Give your distribution list a name and Scroll to Sending options and press Select. press Insert to add one to your text press OK. Your Nokia 6100 comes preset with 10 text Select Send to list. message. Your new list is highlighted press Options...
  • Page 23: Orange Multi Media Services

    5 - send and receive text messages message folders If you need to send the same message Orange Multi Media regularly you can save time by creating a text message template: Keep all your text messages in folders, so you can easily find important information. services Press Menu and select Messages.
  • Page 24 6 - Orange Multi Media services setting your connection Orange High Speed Data Orange WAP services Using HSCSD (High Speed Circuit Switched brings you information on Orange GPRS (General Packet Radio Data), Orange High Speed Data allows you Service) is a new service that allows you to send and receive information such as the move to remain connected all day long, while...
  • Page 25 6 - Orange Multi Media services What are my WAP settings? What are my GPRS WAP settings? To start using WAP: If you lose your WAP settings simply copy them If you lose your GPRS WAP settings simply Press and hold 0 to automatically open from this table.
  • Page 26 Clear the cache Opens highlighted link. Allows you to To delete the information in the cache. of options while you Your Nokia 6100 gives you direct access to enter the address of a site that you want Security info are browsing your Orange Mail as well as alerting you on to visit.
  • Page 27 6 - Orange Multi Media services set up text alerts for sports access information direct Note: You will be charged your normal service plan rate for each text message results, horoscopes, news from your phone’s received. and lottery numbers Information menu if you prefer to listen to the To set up an Orange text alert simply call Scroll to Information and choose from...
  • Page 28: Additional Features

    6 - Orange Multi Media services For more information on Multi Media keep in touch using services call the Orange Literature Request Line on 07973 973 970 or if you are a pay as you go customer, on from your additional features Orange phone.
  • Page 29 7 - keep in touch using additional features host a conference call To start a conference call: this service depends on the network you If you call Answer Phone from Line 2 but are using. You are charged your standard have no messages, you will automatically Conference Calling allows you to Call someone in the usual way.
  • Page 30 Options. Select Save or synchronisation to synchronise your are using. You are charged a standard data Erase and press OK. phone and PC and Nokia content copier call charge. to transfer data between them.
  • Page 31 You will be charged your standard rate. To install your phone as a modem: Note: Orange Assistant cannot be used while Before you can install your 6100 as a modem you are abroad. Insert the PC Suite CD into your laptop.
  • Page 32 7 - keep in touch using additional features use Wallet to access use your phone to make ( #ewallet# in words) and then your Rename card Wallet security code from the main To rename the selected card. personal information whilst online purchases display.
  • Page 33: Personalise Your Phone

    7 - keep in touch using additional features add new exciting personalise your accessories to your phone using Pop-Port ™ phone The Pop-Port™ interface is the new experience for the next generation of mobile phones and users. Pop-Port™ enables several functions to be Java incorporated into one interface, meaning you can control exciting new accessories,...
  • Page 34 Press Select app. Scroll to the Display brightness With your 6100 you can download Java application which you want to use. Adjust the contrast of your display by applications such as games, animations Press Options and select Open.
  • Page 35 8 - personalise your phone always be alerted to a call change the way your recognise your friends by phone to sound when it receives an incoming call. or a text message in the phone behaves in seconds the sound of their ring Vibrating alert most appropriate way Set the phone to vibrate when it...
  • Page 36: Manage Your Time And Calls

    Press and hold the large silver button manage your time until the green light shows again to take With your Nokia 6100 you can send and your photograph. receive photo messages, and if you You will see File received on your...
  • Page 37 Choose an alarm type and time. commitments in your To-do list, which Time and date settings is highlighted, Your Nokia 6100 has a built in organiser allows you to prioritise your tasks. press Select. Select Clock and enter the which has Calendar and To-do list You can send Calendar notes to other time using the keypad and press OK.
  • Page 38 Countdown timer and press Select. select Exchange rate. Each time you make, receive or miss a call, Your Nokia 6100 has built in Stopwatch, Enter the time in hours and minutes you Select one of the two options. Key in the your phone takes a note.
  • Page 39: Ensure Your Phone Is Secure

    9 - manage your time and calls keep an eye on how long ensure your phone You can also set your phone to display your call length at the end of each call: you spend on your calls Press Menu and select Settings. Scroll to is secure Your Orange phone allows you to keep Call settings and press Select.
  • Page 40 10 - ensure your phone is secure ensure that only authorised control the numbers that What if I enter the wrong PIN? To turn your phone on once SIM Card PIN is activated: people can use your phone can be called from your If you enter an incorrect SIM Card PIN or PIN2 phone When you switch your phone on you will...
  • Page 41 10 - ensure your phone is secure What are the security codes for? security code protects Security settings and press Select. Outgoing calls Scroll to Fixed dialling and press Select. International calls your phone against Your Orange phone comes with a number of Scroll to Number list and press Select.
  • Page 42: Have Fun On Your Phone

    10 - ensure your phone is secure set your keypad to lock have fun on automatically You can set your phone to lock the keypad your phone automatically if you do not use it for a period of time. Press Menu and select Settings. Select Phone settings.
  • Page 43: Wap Games

    Once using your Applications menu. you have chosen which game to play Your Nokia 6100 comes preset with the See page 8.1 for more information on you can open the Instructions option Java™...
  • Page 44: International Services

    11 - have fun on your phone international services International services Select a network 11.3...
  • Page 45 12 - international services What are the international dialling codes I Orange international check list before you travel Note: The availability of this service will be need to add to numbers when I am calling dependant on the partner network services abroad from the UK? supporting Text Messaging.
  • Page 46 12 - international services How do I know which countries I can call when you go abroad, you using GPRS abroad Remove any temporary bars on from and to using my Orange phone? international calls using the menu need to select the partner options on your phone.
  • Page 47 12 - international services reference Radio Waves and your Phone 12.5...
  • Page 48 The highest SAR value for the responsible retailer The exposure standard for mobile phones Nokia 6100 when tested for compliance employs a unit of measurement known as against the standard was 0.60 W/kg. the Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR. The 13.1...
  • Page 49 13 - reference index index 13.3...
  • Page 50 14 - index index Dialling Infrared Orange Answer Fax Divert a call Information menu Orange Answer Phone Answer Phone Fixed 10.2 see Orange Information menu Answer Phone Call Return see Orange Answer Phone Speed International services 12.1 Answer Phone PIN Answer a call Directory Enquiries network selection...
  • Page 51 14 - index Phonebook Security codes 10.4 Voice Media Add number SIM card PIN 10.1 see Orange Voice Media Deleting Sound settings Volume Edit Speed dialling Make a call using your phonebook Stopwatch Phone display Store a name and number Store a name and number Symbols WAP Games...
  • Page 52: Contact Orange

    contact Orange Orange Business Customer Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Alternatively, visit the Orange website at for more details. The numbers in Orange can be called from any phone by adding the prefix 07973 100. Orange services Visit the Orange business website to find...

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