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Solderless Terminal Connections; Connecting The Power Terminal - Pioneer PRS-D420 Owner's Manual

Bridgeable four-channel power amplifier
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Solderless Terminal Connections

• Do not connect a cord having an exposed core
wire to the power terminals of this amplifier
(Power terminal, GND terminal, System remote
control terminal). Disconnection or breakage of
the core wire can cause a fire or short-circuit.
• Since the wire will become loose over time, it
must be periodically inspected and tightened as
• Do not solder or bind the ends of the twisted
• Fasten while making sure to not to clamp the
insulating sheath of the wire.
• Use the supplied hexagonal wrench to tighten and
loosen the terminal screw of the amplifier.
Securely fasten the wire with the terminal screw.
However, since excessively tightening the termi-
nal screw of the System remote control has the
risk of damaging the wire, be careful not to tight-
en excessively by observing the status of the wire
when tightening.

Connecting the Power Terminal

• We recommend that you use the special red bat-
tery and ground wire [RD-228], which is sold
separately. Connect the battery wire directly to
the car battery positive terminal (+) and the
ground wire to the car body.
• Recommended wires size (AWG: American Wire
Gauge) is as follows. The battery wire and the
ground wire must be same size.
• Use a 10 AWG to 20 AWG wire for the system
remote control wire.
Battery Wire and Ground Wire Size
Wire Length
less than
4.5 m
Wire Size
less than
less than
7.2 m
11.4 m
1. Pass the battery wire from the
engine compartment to the interior
of the vehicle.
• After making all other connections to the
amplifier, connect the battery wire terminal
of the amplifier to the positive (+) terminal of
the battery.
Positive (+)
Fuse (40 A) × 2
Insert the O-ring rubber
grommet into the vehicle
2. Connect the wires to the terminal.
• Fix the wires securely with the terminal
System remote
control terminal
Power terminal
Battery wire
Failure to securely fasten the battery wire to the ter-
minal using the terminal screws could cause the ter-
minal area to overheat and could result in damage
and injury including minor burns.
Interior of
the vehicle
Drill a 13 mm
hole into the
vehicle body.
Terminal screws
GND terminal
Ground wire
System remote
control wire


Table of Contents

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