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Nokia N90-1 User Manual: Answer Or Reject A Video Call

Nokia cell phone user guide.
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Tip! If a compatible headset is connected to the
device, to answer and end a call, press the headset
If you do not want to answer a call, in the Fold open mode,
to reject it. In the Fold closed mode, select Reject.
The caller hears a line busy tone. If you have activated the
Call divert settings
If busy
rejecting an incoming call also diverts the call. See
diverting", p. 114.
When you reject an incoming call in the Fold open mode,
you can also send a text message to the caller informing
why you cannot answer the call. Select
message. You can edit the text before sending it. To
set up this option and write a standard text message, see
settings", p. 107.
If you answer a voice call during a video call, the video call
is dropped.
Call waiting
is not available during a video call.

Answer or reject a video call

When a video call arrives,
Tip! You can assign a ringing tone for video calls.
and select
In the Fold open mode, press
function to divert calls,
is displayed.
> Profiles, select a profile
Video call
to answer the video call.
Copyright © 2005 Nokia. All rights reserved.
To start sending video, activate the Imaging mode, and a
live video image, recorded video clip, or the image being
captured by the camera in your device is shown to the
caller. If you want to send a live video image, turn the
camera unit to the direction from which you want to send
the video image. If you do not activate the Imaging mode,
video sending is not possible, but you can still hear the
other person. A grey screen is shown in place of the video.
To replace the grey screen with a still image, see
Image in video
call, p. 107.
Tip! To send video of yourself, in the Imaging mode
turn the camera unit so that the lens is facing you.
If you activate the Fold open mode during a video call,
sending your own video image stops because the camera is
not active. You can, however, still see the video of the
Note: Even if you have denied video sending during
a video call, the call will still be charged as a video
call. Check the pricing with your network operator
or service provider.
To end the video call, in the Imaging mode or in the Fold
open mode, press


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