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Nokia N90-1 User Manual: Predictive Text Input-dictionary

Nokia cell phone user guide.
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Predictive text input—Dictionary
You can enter any letter with a single key press. Predictive
text input is based on a built-in dictionary to which you
can also add new words. When the dictionary becomes full,
the latest added word replaces the oldest.
To activate predictive text
input, press
, and select
on. This
activates predictive text
input for all editors in the
is shown on
the top right of the display
when you write text using
predictive text input.
To write the desired word,
press the keys — . Press each key only once for one
letter. For example, to write 'Nokia' when the English
dictionary is selected, press
for i, and
for a.
The word suggestion changes after each key press.
When you finish writing the word and it is correct, to
confirm it, press
, or press
If the word is not correct, press
the matching words the dictionary has found one by
one, or press
, and select
for N,
for o,
for k,
to add a space.
repeatedly to view
> Matches.
Copyright © 2005 Nokia. All rights reserved.
If the ? character is shown after the word, the word you
intended to write is not in the dictionary. To add a word
to the dictionary, select Spell, enter the word using
traditional text input, and select OK. The word is added
to the dictionary. When the dictionary becomes full, a
new word replaces the oldest added word.
Start writing the next word.
Tip! To set predictive text input on or off, press
twice quickly.
Tips on predictive text input
To erase a character, press
more than one character.
To change between the different character modes, press .
If you press
quickly twice, predictive text input is turned
Tip! Predictive text input tries to guess which
commonly used punctuation mark (.,?!') is needed.
The order and availability of the punctuation marks
depend on the language of the dictionary.
To insert a number in letter mode, press and hold the
desired number key.
To switch between letter and number mode, press and hold
. Press and hold
to clear


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