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Nokia N90-1 User Manual: Format A Memory Card; Useful Shortcuts

Nokia cell phone user guide.
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You cannot use the memory card if the door of the memory
card slot is open.
Important: Do not remove the memory card in the
middle of an operation when the card is being
accessed. Removing the card in the middle of an
operation may damage the memory card as well as
the device, and data stored on the card may be
To back up information from phone memory to a memory
card, select
Backup phone mem.
To restore information from the memory card to the phone
memory, select
Tip! To rename a memory card, select
Memory card

Format a memory card

When a memory card is reformatted, all data on the card
is permanently lost.
Some memory cards are supplied preformatted and others
require formatting. Consult your retailer to find out if you
must format the memory card before you can use it.
To format a memory card, select
card. Select
to confirm. When formatting is complete,
enter a name for the memory card, and select OK.
Restore from
Format mem.
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Useful shortcuts

Use shortcuts to quickly get the most from your device.
Refer to the relevant sections in this user guide for further
details of the functions.
Shortcuts when taking pictures
• To zoom in and out, press the joystick up and down.
• To enter the
Image setup
• To change the flash mode, press the joystick left or
• After you have taken a picture, to take a new picture,
press the capture key halfway down.
• If you have activated an application in the Imaging
mode, press the capture key to return to the camera.
Shortcuts when recording videos
• To zoom in or zoom out, press the joystick up or down.
• To enter the
Video setup
• If you have activated an application in the Imaging
mode, press the capture key to return to the camera.
Edit text and lists
• To mark an item in a list, scroll to it, and press
at the same time.
• To mark multiple items in a list, press and hold
while you press
, then release
settings, press the joystick.
settings, press the joystick.
. To end the selection, release


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