Battery Charge-Control Indicator - Bosch Active Line Original Instructions Manual

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As soon as you stop pedaling when in normal operation, or as
soon as you have reached a speed of 25 km/h, the assistance
from the eBike drive is switched off. The drive is automatically
re-activated as soon you start pedaling again and the speed is
below 25 km/h.
Options for switching off the eBike system:
– Press the On/Off button 5 of the HMI.
– Switch the battery pack off by its On/Off button (see bat-
tery pack operating instructions.)
– Remove the HMI out of its holder.
If no power is drawn from the drive for about 10 minutes (e.g.
because the eBike is not moving), the eBike system will shut
down automatically to save energy.
Indications and Settings of the HMI
Power Supply of the HMI
When the HMI is inserted in holder 4, a sufficiently charged
battery pack is inserted in the eBike and the eBike system is
switched on, power is supplied to the HMI via the eBike's bat-
tery pack.
When the HMI is removed from holder 4, it is supplied with
power via an internal battery pack. If the internal battery pack
is low when switching on the HMI, "Attach to bike" is dis-
played for 3 s in text indication d. Afterwards, the HMI switch-
es off again.
To recharge the internal battery pack, insert the HMI into the
holder 4 (a battery pack must be inserted in the eBike).
Switch the eBike battery pack off by its On/Off button (see
battery pack operating instructions).
The HMI can also be charged via USB connection. Open pro-
tective cap 8 for this. Using a matching USB cable, connect
the USB port 7 of the HMI to a commercially available USB
charger or to the USB port of a computer; (5 V charging volt-
age; max. 500 mA charging current). "USB connected" is
displayed in text indication d of the HMI.
Switching the HMI On/Off
To switch on the HMI, briefly press the On/Off button 5.
When the internal battery pack is sufficiently charged, the
HMI can also be switched on when not inserted in the holder.
To switch off the HMI, press the On/Off button 5.
When the HMI is not inserted in the holder and no button is
pressed, it automatically switches off after 1 min to save

Battery Charge-control Indicator

The battery-pack charge-control indicator g indicates the
charge condition of the eBike's battery pack, and not the
charge condition of the HMI's internal battery pack. The
charge condition of the eBike's battery pack can also be read
from the battery pack's LEDs.
0 276 001 SAI | (14.8.13)
On indicator g, each bar of the battery pack symbol is equiva-
lent to a capacity of approx. 20 %:
The battery is fully charged.
The battery should be recharged.
The LEDs of the charge-control indicator on the bat-
tery extinguish.The capacity for supporting the
drive has been used up, and support is gently switched off. The
remaining capacity is made available for the lighting and the
HMI. The indicator flashes.
The capacity of the battery is enough for about 2 more hours of
lighting. This does not account for other consumers (e.g. auto-
matic gearbox, charging external devices at the USB port).
When the HMI is removed from holder 4, the last indicated
battery pack charge condition is stored.
Setting the Assistance Level
The level of assistance of the eBike drive when pedaling can
be adjusted via the HMI. The assistance level can be changed
anytime, even during riding.
Note: For individual versions, it is possible that the the assis-
tance level is pre-set and cannot be changed. It is also possi-
ble that less assistance levels are available for selection than
listed here.
The following assistance levels (max.) are available:
– "OFF": The drive is switched off, the eBike can be operat-
ed as a normal bicycle through pedaling.
– "ECO": Effective assistance at maximum efficiency for
maximum cruising range
– "TOUR": Uniform assistance, for touring with long cruising
– "SPORT": Powerful assistance for sportive riding off road
as well as for urban traffic
– "TURBO": Maximum assistance, supporting highest ca-
dence for sportive riding
To increase the assistance level, press the "+" button 13 on
the operating unit until the desired assistance level is dis-
played in indicator b; to decrease the assistance level, press
the "–" button 12.
The requested motor output is displayed in indicator a. The
maximum motor output depends on the selected assistance
Assistance Level
* The motor output can vary for individual versions.
When the HMI is removed from holder 4, the last indicated as-
sistance level is stored; the motor-output indicator a remains
English - 29
Assistance Factor*
40 %
100 %
150 %
225 %
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