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Powerpack 300; Technical Data; Article Number; Rated Voltage - Bosch Active Line Original Instructions Manual

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Technical Data

Lithium ion battery pack

Article number

– Standard battery pack
– Rack-type battery pack

Rated voltage

Rated capacity

Operating temperature

Storage temperature

Allowable charging temperature range

Weight, approx.

Degree of protection
Place down the battery pack only on clean surfaces. In
particular, avoid soiling the charge socket and the con-
tacts, e.g. by means of sand or ground.
Checking the Battery Pack Before Using
for the First Time
Check the battery pack before charging it or using it with your
eBike for the first time.
For this, press the On/Off button A4 to switch on the battery
pack. When no LED of the charge-control indicator A3 lights
up, the battery pack may be damaged.
When at least one, but not all LEDs of the charge-control indi-
cator A3 is lit, then fully charge the battery pack before using
for the first time.
Do not charge a damaged battery pack and do not use
it. Please refer to an authorised bicycle dealer.
Charging the Battery Pack
Use only the charger provided with your eBike or an
identical original Bosch charger. Only this charger is
matched to the lithium-ion battery pack used in your eBike.
Note: The battery pack is supplied partially charged. To en-
sure full battery pack capacity, completely charge the battery
pack in the charger before using for the first time.
For charging the battery pack, read and observe the operating
instructions of the charger.
0 276 001 SAI | (14.8.13)

PowerPack 300

0 275 007 509
0 275 007 511
0 275 007 513
IP 54 (dust and
splash water protected)
The battery pack can be recharged at any time on its own or on
the bike without shortening the lifespan. Interrupting the
charging process does not damage the battery pack.
The battery pack is equipped with a temperature control indi-
cator, which enables charging only within a temperature
range between 0 °C and 40 °C.
flash. Disconnect the battery pack from the charger until its
temperature has adjusted.
Do not connect the battery pack to the charger until it has
reached the allowable charging temperature.
Charge-control Indicator
When the battery pack is switched on, the five green LEDs of
the charge-control indicator A3 indicate the charge condition
of the battery pack.
In this, each LED indicates approx. 20 % capacity. When the
battery pack is completely charged, all five LEDs light up.
The charge-control of the switched on battery pack is also in-
dicated on the display of the HMI. Read and observe the oper-
ating instructions of the drive unit and the HMI.
When the capacity of the battery pack is below 5 %, all LEDs
of charge-control indicator A3 on the battery pack go out;
however, the drive HMI does provide an additional indication
PowerPack 400
0 275 007 510
0 275 007 512
0 275 007 514
0 275 007 522
IP 54 (dust and
splash water protected)
When the battery pack is not
within the charging-tempera-
ture range, three LEDs of the
charge-control indicator A3
Bosch eBike Systems
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