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Operating Temperature; Storage Temperature; Operation; Initial Operation - Bosch Active Line Original Instructions Manual

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Technical Data
Battery Charger
Article number
Rated voltage
Output voltage
Charging current
Allowable charging temperature
Charging time
– PowerPack 300
– PowerPack 400
Number of battery cells

Operating temperature

Storage temperature

Weight according to
EPTA-Procedure 01/2003
Degree of protection
The values given are valid for a nominal voltage [U] of 230 V. For differ-
ent voltages and models for specific countries, these values can vary.


Initial Operation

Connecting the charger to the mains (see figure E)
Observe the mains voltage! The voltage of the power
supply must correspond with the data given on the name-
plate of the battery charger. Battery chargers marked with
230 V can also be operated with 220 V.
Plug the charger plug C3 of the power cord into the charger
socket C2 of the charger.
Connect the mains cable (country-specific) to the mains
Charging the removed battery (see Figure F)
Switch the battery pack off and remove it from the holder of
the eBike. For this, read and observe the operating instruc-
tions of the battery pack.
Place down the battery pack only on clean surfaces. In
particular, avoid soiling the charge socket and the con-
tacts, e.g. by means of sand or ground.
Insert the charger plug C5 of the battery charger into the
socket C6 on the battery pack.
0 276 001 SAI | (14.8.13)
0 275 007 907
207 –264
47 –63
30 –40
IP 40
Charging the battery on the Bike (see figure G)
Switch the battery off. Clean the cover of the charge socket
C7. Prevent especially the charge socket and the contacts
from getting dirty, e.g. by sand or soil. Lift the cover of the
charge socket C7 and plug the charge connector C5 into the
charge socket C6.
Charge the battery only in accordance with all safety
instructions. If this is not possible, remove the battery
from the holder and charge it in a more suitable location.
When doing so, read and observe the operating instruc-
tions of the battery.
Charging Procedure
The charging procedure begins as soon as the charger is con-
nected to the battery or the charge socket on the bike and the
Note: The charging procedure is only possible when the tem-
perature of the battery pack is within the allowable charging-
temperature range.
Note: The drive unit is deactivated during the charging proce-
The battery can be charged with and without the HMI. When
charging without the HMI, the charging procedure can only be
observed on the battery charge-control indicator.
When the HMI is connected, the back lighting of the display is
switched on at low luminosity and "Charging" appears in the
text display.
The HMI can be removed during the charging procedure, or it
can also be fitted after the charging procedure has begun.
The charging state is displayed by the battery charge-control
indicator A3 on the battery and by the bars on the HMI.
When charging the main battery on the bike, the battery of the
HMI can also be charged.
During the charging procedure, the LEDs of charge-control in-
dicator A3 on the battery pack light up. Each continuously lit
LED is equivalent to a charge capacity of approx. 20 %. The
flashing LED indicates the charging of the next 20 %.
Use caution when touching the charger during the
charging procedure. Wear protective gloves. Especially
in high ambient temperatures, the charger can heat up
Once the battery is fully charged, the LEDs extinguish imme-
diately and the HMI is switched off. The charging procedure is
terminated. The charging state can be displayed for 3 sec-
onds by pressing the on/off button A4.
Disconnect the charger from the mains supply and the battery
pack from the charger.
When disconnecting the battery pack from the charger, the
battery pack is automatically switched off.
English - 39
Bosch eBike Systems

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