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Before Using This Product; In Case Of Trouble; Warning - Pioneer GM-X642 Owner's Manual

Bridgeable power amplifier
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Before Using This Product

This product complies with the EMC
Directives (89/336/EEC, 92/31/EEC)
and CE Marking Directive (93/68/EEC).
Thank you for purchasing this PIONEER
product. Before attempting operation, be
sure to read this manual.

In case of trouble

When the unit does not operate properly,
contact your dealer or the nearest autho-
rized PIONEER Service Station.


• Always use the special red battery and ground
wire [RD-223], which is sold separately. Connect
the battery wire directly to the car battery positive
terminal (+) and the ground wire to the car body.
• Do not touch the amplifier with wet hands.
Otherwise you may get an electric shock. Also,
do not touch the amplifier when it is wet.
• For traffic safety and to maintain safe driving
conditions, keep the volume low enough so that
you can still hear normal traffic sound.
• Check the connections of the power supply and
speakers if the fuse of the separately sold battery
wire or the amplifier fuse blows. Detect the cause
and solve the problem, then replace the fuse with
another one of the same size and rating.
• To prevent malfunction of the amplifier and
speakers, the protective circuit will cut the power
supply to the amplifier (sound will stop) when an
abnormal condition occurs. In such a case, switch
the power to the system OFF and check the
connection of the power supply and speakers.
Detect the cause and solve the problem.
• Contact the dealer if you cannot detect the cause.
• To prevent an electric shock or short-circuit
during connection and installation, be sure to
disconnect the negative (–) terminal of the battery
• Confirm that no parts are behind the panel when
drilling a hole for installation of the amplifier. Be
sure to protect all cables and important equipment
such as fuel lines, brake lines and the electrical
wiring from damage.


Table of Contents

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