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Setting Warmer Drawer Controls - Kenmore 790.3670 series Use & Care Manual

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Table of Contents
Setting Warmer Drawer Controls (cont'd)
To Set the Warmer Drawer & Bread Proof Controls:
The control and indicator lights for the Warmer Drawer Bread Proof features are
located on the control panel. The temperatures are approximate, and are
designated by HI (high), MED (medium) and LO (low) and BREAD PROOF.
1. Touch the
pad at the Warmer Drawer control position. The Warmer
Drawer indicator light will flash. Note: If no further pads are touched within 25
seconds the request to power the Warmer Drawer ON will clear.
2. Set the desired power level. Touch
(see Figure 2) or
Warmer Drawer indicator light located above the ON/OFF pad will turn ON
3. Each touch of the
power levels from HI (see Figure 2) to MED (see Figure 3) to LO (see Figure
4) and to the Bread Proof feature (see Figure 5). If the Warmer Drawer is set
at the LO setting and the
and indicator light will be set (see Figure 5 and bread dough preparation
instructions on this page). To return to standard Warmer Drawer setting touch
pad at least once.
Note: For best results, preheat the Warmer Drawer before adding the food or
bread dough. An empty drawer will preheat in approximately 15 minutes.
4. When the food is ready for removal, touch the
Warmer Drawer or bread Proof feature OFF. The Warmer Drawer indicator light
will turn OFF.
Preparing Bread Dough for the Warmer Drawer
The Warmer Drawer has a "Proof Bread" feature that can be used to
help prepare bread dough. The recommended length of time to keep
bread dough in the Warmer Drawer is about 45-60 minutes. Be sure
however to follow the recipe's recommended times.
The prepared bread dough should be placed in a large bowl since
the dough will nearly double in volume. Arrange the Warmer Drawer
Rack in the downward position (see Figure 6). Place the bowl in the
Warmer Drawer and follow the Warmer Drawer and Bread Proof
Control setting instructions at the top of this page.
once to turn ON the power level for HI
to turn ON the power level for LO (see Figure 4). The
pads will decrease or increase through 6
pad is touched again the Bread Proof feature
pad once to turn the
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6


Table of Contents

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