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Bluetooth — Connection; Pair And Connect A Bluetooth Device For The First Time; Connect The Microphone; Auto Pairing - Kenwood DPX-5000BT Instruction Manual

Dual din sized cd receiver
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Table of Contents
BLUETOOTH — Connection
Supported Bluetooth profiles
– Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
– Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
– Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)
– Serial Port Profile (SPP)
– Phonebook Access Profile (PBAP)

Connect the microphone

Rear panel
Microphone input

Pair and connect a Bluetooth device for the first time

to turn on the unit.
Search and select this unit model name (DPX-50
"PAIRING"  "PASS XXXXXX"  Device name  "PRESS"  "VOLUME KNOB" scrolls on
the display.
• For some Bluetooth devices, you may need to enter the Personal Identification
Number (PIN) code immediately after searching.
Press the volume knob to start pairing.
"PAIRING OK" appears when pairing is completed.
Supported Bluetooth codecs
– Sub Band Codec (SBC)
– Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)
Secure using cord clamps (not
supplied) if necessary.
BT) on the Bluetooth device.
• This unit supports Secure Simple Pairing (SSP).
• Up to 10 devices can be registered (paired) in total.
• Once the pairing is completed, the Bluetooth device
will remain registered in the unit even if you reset the
unit. To delete the paired device,
Once pairing is completed, Bluetooth connection is
established automatically. "BT1" and/or "BT2" indicator
on the faceplate lights up.
• A maximum of two Bluetooth phones and one
Bluetooth audio device can be connected at any time.
• Some Bluetooth devices may not automatically
connect to the unit after pairing. Connect the device
to the unit manually.
• Refer to the instruction manual of the Bluetooth
device for more information.
Adjust the microphone

Auto Pairing

When you connect iPhone/ iPod touch/ Android
device to the USB input terminal, pairing request (via
Bluetooth) is automatically activated.
Press the volume knob to pair once you have
confirmed the device name.
Automatic pairing request is activated only if:
– Bluetooth function of the connected device is turned
– [AUTO PAIRING] is set to [ON]. ( 16)
– KENWOOD MUSIC PLAY application is installed on the
Android device ( 7) and [BROWSE MODE] is selected
( 8).

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Table of Contents

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