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Simadre CT5200D Owner's Manual Page 25

3 - in - 1 tig welder; stick welder; plasma cutter.
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Poor welding or cutting
performance; unstable arc
Plasma arc does not start
Plasma cutting does not go
all the way through the
Plasma cutter makes a
broad, ragged cut
MMA arc does not start
SIMADRE TECHS Customer service
To Purchase Consumables and Accessories:
this machine is 60%, which means that it may overheat
and shut itself off if it is used more than 6 minutes out of
any 10 minute period.
1. Possible poor ground connection. Disconnect and re-
connect. Make sure grounding clamp connection is not
blocked by scale.
2. Possible inadequate gas or air supply. Check all gas or
air connections; make sure gas or air is turned on at the
tank; make sure the gas or air flow meter or regulator is
adjusted correctly.
1. Air flow may be too high. Turn the knob on the air
regulator/filter counterclockwise one turn.
2. Ground connection may not be good.
3. Possibly argon is being supplied instead of air. Check all
connections to be sure that air, not argon, is supplied to the
inlet port of the regulator/filter.
1. Current might be set too low.
2. Air flow might be too low
3. The internal parts of the torch might be need to be
4. You might be holding the plasma torch tip too far away
from the workpiece
5. The workpiece might be too thick
6. The ground connection might be bad
7. You might be moving the plasma torch tip too quickly.
The correct speed is about 1 inch in 4 to 8 seconds.
8. The torch tip might be burned and need to be replaced.
1. Current might be set too high
2. Air flow might be too high
1. Ground connection might be bad.
2. Current might be set much too low
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