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Simadre CT5200D Owner's Manual Page 14

3 - in - 1 tig welder; stick welder; plasma cutter.
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o. Attach the ground clamp to your workpiece. (photo)
p. Turn the ON/OFF switch to "ON".
q. Holding the TIG torch safely away from yourself and all other things,
press the button (or depress the foot pedal). You should hear the gas
valve open, and should hear the sound of gas escaping from the torch.
r. Adjust the gas flow regulator at your argon tank to about _9-13L_
cubic feet per minute.
s. Release the button or foot pedal.
t. Put on your welding mask.
u. Position the tungsten tip about 1/8" to 1/4" above your work piece and
press the button or foot pedal. A diffuse arc should start immediately.
2. TIG Welding
a. Maintain a 1/8" to 1/4" distance between the tungsten electrode tip and
work piece as you weld. Take care not to touch the tungsten tip to the
work piece. If you do touch it, the tip will be contaminated or burned
and will need to be re-ground to a point.
b. Note that three different electrode holders are supplied with the
CT5200D/DX, for holding 1.6 mm, 2.4 mm; and _3.2_ mm tungsten
c. A TIG welding tutorial may be found online at
Stick Welding (MMA welding)
1. Startup
a. Turn the machine "OFF".
b. Switch to MMA mode.
c. Disconnect the TIG cable from the front of the CT5200D/DX. [photo]
d. Connect the MMA (stick welding) cable to the front of the
CT5200D/DX. [photo]
e. Connect the grounding clamp to your workpiece. [photo]
f. Insert a welding rod into the holder and tighten. [photo]
g. Make sure your workplace has adequate ventilation to protect you
from welding fumes.
2. Welding
a. Put on your welding helmet, gloves and jacket.
b. Set the current knob to a midway position.
c. While holding the welding rod and holder away from yourself and
away from anything metal, turn the machine "ON"
d. Cover your face with the welding helmet.
e. To establish an arc, briefly touch the tip of the welding rod to your
workpiece, then lift to a distance of about 1/8 to 3/8 inch.
f. Adjust the current at a value that optimizes performance for the
workpiece and welding rod. If the current is too high, the workpiece


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