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Simadre CT5200D Owner's Manual Page 11

3 - in - 1 tig welder; stick welder; plasma cutter.
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5. Air or argon (for plasma cutting or TIG welding respectively) go in the
left port.
6. Insert the red plastic tube from the upper-right corner of the back panel of
the machine into the right angle connector at the gauge port (middle port)
of the regulator/filter. See Figure 3. Note: the plastic tube will make a
tight seal internally to the right-angle connector, and will be held by metal
"teeth" inside the connector. To remove the tube from the connector, you
must push the blue ring toward the connector, then pull the tube out. The
blue ring pushes the teeth away from the tube so it can be removed.
7. It is recommended that compressed air be supplied at a pressure of 40 PSI.
Argon may be supplied at a pressure of ___, or at a flow rate of ___.
The CT5200D has only one air/gas inlet, so if you want to
change between TIG welding and plasma cutting, you need to switch
between a shielding gas and air. This is very inconvenient using just a
barb connector, so it is recommended to install a male quick disconnect
before the barb connector on the back of the CT5200D, and female quick
disconnects on the argon and air supply hoses.
Do not use a two-way switch for air and gas, because when the
switch is in an intermediate position it will allow air to flow at high
pressure back to the argon flow regulator, possibly damaging the flow
It is easy to forget to change air & gas hoses when changing
from plasma cutting to TIG welding. If you forget, the result will be
burned tungsten electrodes.
After the hoses are all connected, mount the air regulator/filter on its bracket by
unscrewing the red ring, removing it, inserting the knob of the regulator/filter through the
large hole in the bracket from below, and screwing the red ring back on, tight.
Test to make sure there are no leaks or other problems:
1. Attach a compressed air supply to the left port of the air
2. Lift the knob on the regulator/filter and rotate it as far as it will go
clockwise (to the right). Then rotate it back counterclockwise about
one full turn.
3. The air pressure gauge on the front of the machine should show a non-
zero value. Adjust the knob on the regulator/filter until the air
pressure gauge indicates a pressure of 10 PSI.


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