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Simadre CT5200D Owner's Manual

3 - in - 1 tig welder; stick welder; plasma cutter.
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Model CT5200D/DX
3 - in - 1
 TIG welder
 stick welder
 plasma cutter


Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for Simadre CT5200D

  • Page 1 SIMADRE TECHS, LLC Model CT5200D/DX 3 - in - 1  TIG welder  stick welder  plasma cutter OWNER'S MANUAL...
  • Page 2 The manual demo is mainly using CT5200D as the demo since the settings are common between these two models.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    We hereby declare that our machines are for industrial and professional use as stated below: Types: CT5200D/DX conforms with EMC Directives 72/23/EEC and 89/336/EEC European Standard: FN/IFC60974 The contents of this manual may be revised without prior notice and without obligation. This CT5200D/DX instruction manual is issued on February 07, 2014.
  • Page 4: Warnings

     Only a trained operator should use the Electric shock can be fatal! CT5200D/DX  Make sure the electrical supply to the CT5200D/DX is properly protected by fuse or circuit breaker (30 Amp), and meets all relevant electrical codes.  Connect the grounding wire according to electrical codes ...
  • Page 5  Hearing protection is recommended while using the CT5200D/DX Protect your equipment  If the CT5200D/DX is kept in a dusty environment, it should be kept covered. Especially in a metal working shop, the dust can be electrically conductive and thus can create an electrical hazard.
  • Page 6: General Description

     copper, aluminum and other nonferrous metals WARRANTY The CT5200D/DX is sold with a one year warranty, beginning at the date of purchase, against defects in workmanship or engineering. During the warranty period, all parts and labor will be provided free of charge, exclusive of shipping.
  • Page 7: Installation

    ONLY a qualified technician approved by Simadre TECHS LLC should perform repairs to the CT5200/DX 3-in-1 System. INSTALLATION To set up your new CT5200D/DX, you will need certain additional components that typically are not supplied with the machine:  Argon tank (needed for TIG welding) ...
  • Page 8 ELECTRICAL CONNECTION The CT5200D/DX is supplied without an electric plug, because it can use either 110V or 220V input. When wiring in the plug: Connect the yellow/green striped wire to ground Connect the red and blue wires to the other two terminals in the plug MAKE SURE THE CONNECTIONS ARE MADE CORRECTLY! Only a qualified technician should do electrical wiring.
  • Page 9 Figure 2 Regulator/Filter bracket Figure 3: Hose connections to regulator/filter...
  • Page 10 The regulator/filter has three ports: left, right and middle. The middle port is the gauge port. It should be connected to the red tube that comes out of the upper-right part of the back panel of the CT5200D/DX. A right-angle connector is provided with the regulator/filter.
  • Page 11 This is very inconvenient using just a barb connector, so it is recommended to install a male quick disconnect before the barb connector on the back of the CT5200D, and female quick disconnects on the argon and air supply hoses.
  • Page 12: Operation

    The CT5200D/DX cooling fan requires good air flow. The equipment may overheat if it is operated in a small closed area such as a cabinet or closet. OPERATION The current, post time, and air or gas pressure settings recommended here are for initial setup.
  • Page 13 Attach the ground cable to the front of the CT5200D/DX [photo].
  • Page 14 1. Startup a. Turn the machine "OFF". b. Switch to MMA mode. c. Disconnect the TIG cable from the front of the CT5200D/DX. [photo] d. Connect the MMA (stick welding) cable to the front of the CT5200D/DX. [photo] e. Connect the grounding clamp to your workpiece. [photo] f.
  • Page 15 Switch to Plasma Cutting mode [photo] c. Disconnect the TIG or MMA cable from the front of the CT5200D/DX. [photo] d. Connect the plasma cutting cable to the front of the CT5200D/DX [photo] e. Connect the ground clamp to your workpiece. [photo] f.
  • Page 16: Maintenance

    First disconnect the machine from the electrical supply, then blow out any accumulated dust in the machine using dry compressed air. Any attempt to open the CT5200D/DX will void the warranty. If the machine stops working properly and the troubleshooting steps do not fix the problem, contact your local dealer or the Simadre TECHS customer service for advice.
  • Page 17 SPECIFICATIONS for the CT5200D 3-IN-1 SYSTEM Arc (MMA) Plasma Input Current (A) 27.3 Output Current (A) Current Range (A) 10 to 165 10 to 200 10 to 50 No-Load Voltage 27.5 Working Voltage Internal Nozzle diameter (mm) Air Pressure (MPa)
  • Page 18 SPECIFICATIONS for the CT5200DX 3-IN-1 SYSTEM voltage AC 110/220±15% 50/60Hz Input Power Capacitance 7.1 kva No-load loss(W) Duty cycle (%) Power factor 0.93 Efficiency (%) Insulation class Protection class IP21 Input current(A) 28.6 Rated output current 200A 200A Current range 15-200 15-200 20-50...
  • Page 19 SPARE PARTS LIST – CT5200D DESCRIPTION CT5200 PART NO. Panel AS0703 Case AS0704 Handle AS070501 Knobs AS070502 Positive AS070503 Negative AS070504 TIG/CUT torch connector AS070505 Switch connector AS070506 Air meter AS070507 Current meter AS070508 Machine/pedal switch AS070509 Switch board AS070601...
  • Page 20 CT5200DX Front Panel Design...
  • Page 21 Current for welding/cutting current Down slope would help to weld stainless steel Post gas/air time to adjust the time for air/gas blow out of torch after welding Cutting Torch parts for CT5200D Complete SG-55 torch AS070801 Electrode AS070802 Nozzle/Tip AS070803...
  • Page 22 Cutting Torch parts for CT5200DX PT-31 torch head AS070801 Electrode AS070802 Ceramic Ring AS070803 Nozzle/Tip AS070804 Shield cup AS070805...
  • Page 23 Tig Torch parts for CT5200D/DX Complete torch AS070801 Long cap AS070802 Torch head AS070803 Collect body ( for tungsten) AS070804 Nozzle AS070805 Shield cup AS070806...
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    CAUTION: Only qualified technicians are authorized to do repairs on the CT5200D/DX. If the recommended solutions do not solve the problem, please contact your local Simadre dealer or the Simadre TECHS customer service .
  • Page 25 2. Air flow might be too high MMA arc does not start 1. Ground connection might be bad. easily 2. Current might be set much too low FOR ANY OTHER CONTACT SIMADRE TECHS Customer Service. PROBLEMS SIMADRE TECHS Customer service email office...

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