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Simadre CT5200D Owner's Manual Page 15

3 - in - 1 tig welder; stick welder; plasma cutter.
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will be eroded. If the current is too low, you may be unable to heat the
workpiece enough to get good penetration of the weld.
g. As the welding rod is consumed, keep the tip of the rod a constant 1/4
to 3/8 inch from the workpiece.
Plasma Cutting
NOTE: A plasma torch can cut through ANYTHING almost
instantly. This includes your fingers, cables, tools, or any other object.
Be VERY careful with the plasma cutter!
1. Startup
a. Turn the machine "OFF".
b. Switch to Plasma Cutting mode [photo]
c. Disconnect the TIG or MMA cable from the front of the
CT5200D/DX. [photo]
d. Connect the plasma cutting cable to the front of the CT5200D/DX
e. Connect the ground clamp to your workpiece. [photo]
f. Disconnect the argon supply and connect a compressed air supply
g. Check to be sure air flows properly, by pointing the plasma gun away
from anything that might be damaged and then pressing the button.
You should hear the gas hiss.
2. Cutting
Adjust the current according to the thickness of the material you are
cutting. Maximum current should be used for material over 1/2" thick.
a. Put on your welding helmet, gloves and jacket.
b. Cover your face with the welding helmet.
c. Position the cutting torch just past the edge of your workpiece [photo]
d. The arc is started by pulling the trigger and touching the workpiece.
Do not let the torch stay in contact with the workpiece, just keep it
very close to the workpiece.
e. Keep the trigger pulled and move the gun slowly and smoothly, at a
rate between 1/8" and 1/2" per second, keeping the tip of the torch
about 1/16" above the workpiece. If you move the nozzle too fast, you
will not cut clear through the workpiece. If you move it too slowly,
your cut may be irregular. To cut straight lines, it often helps to clamp
a guide bar to the workpiece and slide the gun along the guide bar.
while cutting a test piece the same thickness as the workpiece
you will cut.
It is a good idea to adjust the air flow and current


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