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DeWalt D28065 Original Instructions Manual

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Final Page size: A5 (148mm x 210mm)


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  • Page 1 D28065 Final Page size: A5 (148mm x 210mm)
  • Page 2 English (original instructions) Copyright D WALT...
  • Page 3 Figure 1 Figure 2...
  • Page 4 English Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 6 Figure 5...
  • Page 5: Technical Data

    English (original instructions) English ANGLE GRINDER D28065 Congratulations! An estimation of the level of exposure to vibration should also take into account You have chosen a D WALT tool. Years of the times when the tool is switched off or...
  • Page 6: Ec Declaration Of Conformity

    (grounded) power tools. Unmodified plugs and matching outlets will reduce risk of ANGLE GRINDER electric shock. D28065 Avoid body contact with earthed or grounded surfaces such as pipes, WALT declares that these products described radiators, ranges and refrigerators. There...
  • Page 7: Additional Specific Safety Rules

    English Do not overreach. Keep proper 5) SERVICE footing and balance at all times. This Have your power tool serviced by a enables better control of the power tool in qualified repair person using only identical unexpected situations. replacement parts. This will ensure that the Dress properly.
  • Page 8: Further Safety Instructions For All Operations

    English FURTHER SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS h) Wear personal protective equipment. Depending on application, use face FOR ALL OPERATIONS shield, safety goggles or safety glasses. As appropriate, wear dust mask, hearing Causes and Operator Prevention protectors, gloves and workshop apron of Kickback capable of stopping small abrasive or workpiece fragments.
  • Page 9: Safety Warnings Specific For Sanding Operations

    English designed for the selected wheel. Wheels for e) Support panels or any oversized workpiece which the power tool was not designed cannot to minimize the risk of wheel pinching and be adequately guarded and are unsafe. kickback. Large workpieces tend to sag under their own weight.
  • Page 10: Electrical Safety

    J. Backing flange – Risk of personal injury due to prolonged use. INTENDED USE – Risk of dust from hazardous substances. The D28065 heavy-duty angle grinder has been Markings on Tool designed for professional grinding, cutting and sanding applications. The following pictograms are shown on the tool: DO NOT use grinding wheels other than centre depressed wheels and flap-disk.
  • Page 11: Assembly And Adjustments

    If a new mains plug needs to be fitted: this grinder. • Safely dispose of the old plug. When using the D28065 grinder with a bonded • Connect the brown lead to the live terminal in abrasive wheel for cutting metal or masonry a the plug.
  • Page 12: Prior To Operation

    English a. The ring on the threaded clamp nut (I) must accessories will normally break apart during this face towards the disc when fitting a grinding test time. disc (fig. 5A); • Be sure the inner and outer flange are mounted b.
  • Page 13: Cutting Metal

    English • Avoid overloading. Should the tool the trigger switch is released. To unlock the tool, become hot, let it run a few minutes depress and release the trigger switch. This will under no load condition to cool the cause the tool to stop. accessory.
  • Page 14: Maintenance

    English The machine must always work in an upgrinding are not user-serviceable. Take the tool to an motion. Otherwise, the danger exists of it being authorised D WALT repair agent. pushed uncontrolled out of the cut. When cutting profiles and square bar, it is best to start at the smallest cross section.
  • Page 15: Protecting The Environment

    English ACCESSORY TABLE Max. Min. Periphical Threaded [mm] Rotation speed hole length [mm] [min. [m/s] [mm] 125 6 22.23 11000 11000 75 30 M14 11000 18.0 125 12 M14 11000 18.0 Protecting the Environment Separate collection. Products and batteries marked with this symbol must not be disposed of with normal household waste.
  • Page 16 English GRINDING AND CUTTING ACCESSORY CHART Guard Type Accessory Description How to Fit Grinder Depressed centre grinding disc TYPE 27 Type 27 guard GUARD Flap wheel Backing flange Wire wheels Type 27 depressed centre wheel Threaded clamp nut Wire wheels with threaded Type 27 guard Wire wheel...
  • Page 17 English GRINDING AND CUTTING ACCESSORY CHART (cont.) Guard Type Accessory Description How to Fit Grinder Masonry cutting disc, bonded TYPE 1 Type 1 guard GUARD Metal cutting disc, Backing flange bonded Diamond Cutting wheel cutting wheels TYPE 1 Threaded clamp nut GUARD TYPE 27 GUARD...
  • Page 20 AusTrAliA Belgique et WALT - Belgium BVBA Tel: NL 32 15 47 37 63 Luxembourg België Egide Walschaertsstraat 16 Tel: FR 32 15 47 37 64 en Luxemburg 2800 Mechelen Fax: 32 15 47 37 99 Danmark WALT...

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