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Preset Messages - LG LDP7004N User Manual

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Preset Messages

Preset Messages
Preset messages that can be left in the display of your handset are as follows
01 LUNCH, RTN HH:MM – Use this message if you are away from your desk at
lunch. The internal calling party will see this message on their display when the call
02 ON VACATION/RTN DATE (MM:DD) – This message will inform internal callers
that your are on holiday and your expected return date.
03 OUT OF OFFICE/RTN TIME (HH:DD) – If you are out of the office for a period of
the day internal callers can see your expected return time.
04 OUT OF OFFICE/RTN DATE (MM:DD) – As per message 03 but you should use
this if you are away from the office for a day or more.
05 OUT OF OFFICE/RTN UNKNOWN – This message should really be used in
emergencies where you have been called away from the office unexpectedly.
06 CALL: XX.....(17 DIGITS) – If you are away from your desk/office and cannot
take calls this is a way of informing internal callers that they should ring an alternative
07 IN OFFICE/STA XXXX – You may have to work at another colleagues station.
This informs internal callers where to redirect their call to.
08 IN A MEETING/RTN TIME (HH:MM) – If you are not contactable in a meeting you
should use this message.
09 AT HOME – If you are to be working from home for a day leave this message on
you phone before leaving the office.
11-20 – These options are available to be custom set to your organisation's
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