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LG LDP7024LD User Manual

Ldp7024ld digital telephone
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LDP7024LD Digital Telephone
User Guide


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 LDP7024LD Digital Telephone User Guide...
  • Page 2: Preset Messages

    7008/16/24D digital telephone is serviced or repaired by an LG 07 IN OFFICE/STA XXXX – You may have to work at another colleagues station. This informs authorised service centre internal callers where to redirect their call to.
  • Page 3: User Programming Codes

    User Programming Codes Getting to know your 7008/16/24D Your digital telephone’s keys (1) Speaker User Programming Codes This button is for activating the phone’s speaker whilst on hook. Useful when using a headset Flexible buttons can be assigned as the one of the popular features below. To programme a or if you wish to speak hands free.
  • Page 4 General Functions Making and Answering calls Always ensure that external parties are informed if you intend to record a call. Making and Answering an external call Options for calling externally are: 1. Lift the handset and dial 9 2. Dial 9 3.
  • Page 5 5 – Off-Net (This allows you to forward your phone unconditionally to a remote location such as version of the above menu tree containing ‘popular’ features. It will also allow you to use LG’s ez MENU. Mobile or home phone using a speed dial).
  • Page 6 General Functions User Programming Parking a Call Whilst connected to an external party press the [TRANSFER] button, dial a Park Location (See below for location numbers) or press a flexible button labelled as Park and hang up. Character Entry Chart Retrieving a Parked Call Please follow the chart below when entering characters.
  • Page 7 User Programming General Functions Saving your name to your phone Call Pickup (Directed) 1. Press the [TRANS/PGM] button and dial 74. 1. Dial 7 followed by the extension number of the station that is ringing (or group number if a 2.
  • Page 8: User Programming

    General Functions Conference Call You will need a flexible button assigned as [CONFERENCE] on the 7008D. 1. Press the [CONFERENCE] button while on a call (7016D and 7024D – press the 2 Silver Key with CONF above it on the screen). 2.