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LG LDP7004N User Manual page 7

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General Functions
Call Pickup (Directed)
1. Dial 7 followed by the extension number of the station that is ringing
2. You will then be connected to the calling party.
Call Pickup (Group)
1. Pick up your handset or press the [OHD] button.
2. Dial 566.
3. You will be connected to the caller
Transfer (Screened)
1. Whilst connected to a caller press the [TRANS/PGM] button.
2. Dial the appropriate extension number or press a flexible button that has been assigned
with a station number.
3. Wait for the called party to answer, announce the call and Hang Up
Transfer (Unscreened)
1. Repeat steps 1 to 3 as described above.
2.Hang up without announcing the call.
Using Speed Dial Numbers
1. Press the [SPEED] button.
2. Dial the required speed dial number.
Making a Page
1. Lift receiver or press the [SPEAKER] button.
2. Dial the required paging code (see the list of codes on page 55).
3. Hang up once you have finished the page.
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