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Preset Messages - LG LDP7024LD User Manual

Ldp7024ld digital telephone
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Do not drop or subject the phone to physical shock
Do not immerse in water
Do not disassemble or attempt to modify the phone in any way
Use a damp or anti-static cloth to clean the phone. Do not use a dry or
electrostatically charged cloth. Do not use chemical or abrasive cleaners as these
could damage the phone.
Retain the cardboard packaging supplied with this handset. It should be used if the
phone has to be returned for service. The packaging can be recycled when no longer
Please take care not to place the phone in direct sunlight for prolonged periods.
The 7008/16/24D digital telephone contains no user-serviceable parts. LG
recommend that your 7008/16/24D digital telephone is serviced or repaired by an LG
authorised service centre
7008/16/24D User Guide | Emergency Services and Safety Precautions 01
Servicing and Safety Precautions

Preset Messages

Preset messages that can be left in the display of your handset are as follows:
01 LUNCH, RTN HH:MM – Use this message if you are away from your desk at lunch. The
internal calling party will see this message on their display when the call you.
02 ON VACATION/RTN DATE (MM:DD) – This message will inform internal callers that your
are on holiday and your expected return date.
03 OUT OF OFFICE/RTN TIME (HH:DD) – If you are out of the office for a period of the day
internal callers can see your expected return time.
04 OUT OF OFFICE/RTN DATE (MM:DD) – As per message 03 but you should use this if
you are away from the office for a day or more.
05 OUT OF OFFICE/RTN UNKNOWN – This message should really be used in emergencies
where you have been called away from the office unexpectedly.
06 CALL: XX.....(17 DIGITS) – If you are away from your desk/office and cannot take calls
this is a way of informing internal callers that they should ring an alternative number.
07 IN OFFICE/STA XXXX – You may have to work at another colleagues station. This informs
internal callers where to redirect their call to.
08 IN A MEETING/RTN TIME (HH:MM) – If you are not contactable in a meeting you should
use this message.
09 AT HOME – If you are to be working from home for a day leave this message on you
phone before leaving the office.
11-20 – These options are available to be custom set to your organisation's requirements.
Preset Messages
7008/16/24D User Guide | Preset Messages 14


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