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Selecting The Mounting Position; Installation Diagram; Installation - Fujitsu 9RLS3H Installation Manual

Outdoor unit
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2.5. Additional charge
Refrigerant suitable for a piping length of 49ft (15m) is charged in the outdoor unit at the
When the piping is longer than 49ft (15m), additional charging is necessary.
For the additional amount, see the table below.
Pipe length
49 ft (15 m)
Additional refrigerant
When adding refrigerant, add the refrigerant from the charging port at the completion
of work.
2.6. Operating range
Cooling/Dry Mode
Heating Mode
2.7. Accessories
Installation manual
One set of following parts are necessary installation of this product.
Connection pipe assembly
Decorative tape
Connection cable
Vinyl tape
Wall pipe
Wall cap


• Decide the mounting position with the customer as follows.
• Do not set to a place where there is oily smoke, oil is used in the factory, the unit can
contact sea breeze, sulfi de gases will be generated in the hot spring area, corrosive
gases will be generated, animal may urine on the unit and ammonia will be generated
and a dusty place.
3.1. Outdoor unit
(1) If possible, do not install the unit where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.
(If necessary, Install a blind that does not interfere with the air fl ow.)
(2) Do not install the unit where a strong wind blows or where it is very dusty.
(3) Do not install in an area that has heat sources, vapors, or the risk of leakage or
accumulation of fl ammable gas.
(4) Do not install the unit where people pass.
(5) Take you neighbors into consideration so that they are not disturbed by air blowing
into their windows or by noise.
(6) Provide the space shown in fi gure so that the airfl ow is not blocked. Also for effi cient
operation, leave open three of the four directions front, rear, and both sides.
(7) Install the unit where keep away more than 3 m from the antenna of TV set and Radio.
(8) Outdoor unit should be set to a place where both drainage and itself will not be
affected when heating.
Install at a place that can withstand the weight of the outdoor units and install positively
so that the units will not topple or fall.
Install the unit where it will not be tilted by more than 5°.
When installing the outdoor unit where it may exposed to strong wind, fasten it
Do not install where there is the danger of combustible gas leakage.
Do not install near heat sources.
If children may approach the unit, take preventive measures so that they cannot reach
the unit.
66 ft (20 m)
+3.5 oz (+100 g) 0.2 oz/ft (20 g/m)
Outdoor temperature
About 14 to 115 °F
About -15 to 75 °F
Tapping screws
M10 bold, nut


24" (60 cm) or over
4" (10 cm) or over
8" (20 cm) or over
Outdoor unit to be fasten with bolts at the four places without fail.
219/32"(54 cm)
• Do not directly install it on the ground, otherwise it will cause failure.
• To obtain better operation effi ciency, when the outdoor unit is installed, be sure to open
the front and left side.
In places where the outdoor temperature drops to 32 °F (0 °C) or lower, the drain water
may freeze and may stop up the drain or cause other outdoor unit trouble. Therefore
take measures so that the drain water will not freeze and clog the drain.
Please set up the outdoor unit in a high place and please do not arrange the frame of
installed stand under the drain port, because the water dropped from the drain port repeats
freezing and accumulating, and may block the drain port.
In the area with heavy snowfall, if the intake and outlet of outdoor unit is blocked with snow,
it might become diffi cult to get warm and it is likely to because of the breakdown. Please
construct a canopy or baffl e board. (local confi gured).


5.1. Connector cover remove
Connector cover removal
• Remove the tapping screw.
Installing the connector cover
(1) After inserting the fi ve hooks, then push upward.
(2) Tighten the tapping screw.
Always use the screws as shown above.
4" (10 cm) or over
10" (25 cm)
or over
Tapping screw
Connector cover

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