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About This Product - Fujitsu 9RLS3H Installation Manual

Outdoor unit
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Do not modify this unit, such as opening a hole in the cabinet.
During the pump-down operation, make sure that the compressor is turned off before
you remove the refrigerant piping.
Do not remove the connection pipe while the compressor is in operation with 2 way or 3
way valve open. This may cause abnormal pressure in the refrigeration cycle that leads
to rupture and even injury.
This unit must be installed by qualifi ed personnel with a capacity certifi cation of handling
refrigerant fl uids. Refer to regulation and laws in use on installation place.
Install the unit by following local codes and regulations in force at the place of
installation, and the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
This unit is part of a set constituting an air conditioner. The unit must not be installed
alone or be installed with non-authorized device by the manufacturer.
When installing pipes shorter than 3 m, sound of the outdoor unit will be transferred to
the indoor unit, which will cause large operating sound or some abnormal sound.
To protect the persons, earth( ground) the unit correctly, and use the power cable
combined with an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB).
The units are not explosion proof, and therefore should not be installed in explosive atmosphere.
This unit contains no user-serviceable parts. Always consult experienced service
technicians for repairing.
When moving or relocating the air conditioner, consult experienced service technicians
for disconnection and reinstallation of the unit.
Children should be monitored to ensure they do not play with the device.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do
not play with the appliance.
Do not touch the aluminum fi ns of heat exchanger built-in the indoor or outdoor unit to
avoid personal injury when you install or maintain the unit.
Do not place any other electrical products or household belongings under indoor unit or
outdoor unit. Condensation dripping from the unit might get them wet, and may cause
damage or malfunction of your property.


• All Fujitsu General products are manufactured to metric units and tolerances.
United States customary units are provided for reference only. In cases where exact
dimensions and tolerances are required, always refer to metric units.
2.1. Special tools for R410A
Tool name
Pressure is high and cannot be measured with a conven-
tional (R22) gauge. To prevent erroneous mixing of other
Gauge manifold
refrigerants, the diameter of each port has been changed.
It is recommended to use gauge with seals -0.1 to 5.3 MPa
(-1 to 53 bar) for high pressure.
-0.1 to 3.8 MPa (-1 to 38 bar) for low pressure.
To increase pressure resistance, the hose material and base
Charge hose
size were changed.(R410A)
A conventional vacuum pump can be used by installing a
Vacuum pump
vacuum pump adapter.
(Use of a vacuum pump with a series motor is prohibited.)
Gas leakage detector
Special gas leakage detector for HFC refrigerant R410A.
Copper pipes
It is necessary to use seamless copper pipes and it is desirable that the amount of residual
oil is less than 40 mg/10 m. Do not use copper pipes having a collapsed, deformed or
discolored portion (especially on the interior surface). Otherwise, the expansion value or
capillary tube may become blocked with contaminants.
As an air conditioner using R410A incurs pressure higher than when using R22, it is neces-
sary to choose adequate materials.
Thicknesses of copper pipes used with R410A are as shown in Table1. Never use copper
pipes thinner than 0.8 mm even when it is available on the market.
Thicknesses of Annealed Copper Pipes
Nominal diameter (in.)
Outer diameter (mm)
Change from R22 to R410A
Thickness [mm(in.)]
0.80 (0.032)
To install a unit that uses R410A refrigerant, use dedicated tools and piping materials
that have been manufactured specifi cally for R410A use. Because the pressure of
R410A refrigerant is approximately 1.6 times higher than R22, failure to use dedicated
piping material or improper installation can cause rupture or injury. Furthermore, it can
cause serious accidents such as water leakage, electric shock, or fi re.
2.2. Power
Always use a special branch circuit and install a special receptacle to supply power to
the room air conditioner.
Use a circuit breaker and receptacle matched to the capacity of the air conditioner.
Install a leakage circuit breaker in accordance with the related laws and regulations
and electric company standards.
The circuit breaker is installed in the permanent wiring. Always use a circuit that can
trip all the poles of the wiring and has an isolation distance of at least 3 mm between
the contacts of each pole.
The power source capacity must be the sum of the air conditioner current and the cur-
rent of other electrical appliances. When the current contracted capacity is insuffi cient,
change the contracted capacity.
When the voltage is low and the air conditioner is diffi cult to start, contact the power
company the voltage raised.
2.3. Electric requirement
Be sure to install a breaker of the specifi ed capacity.
Regulation of cables and breaker differs from each locality, refer in accordance with
local rules.
Voltage rating
Operating range
Power supply cable
14AWG UL 1505
14AWG UL 1505
Connection cable
Select the correct cable type and size according to the country or region's regulations.
Max. wire length: Set a length so that the voltage drop is less than 2%. Increase the wire
diameter when the wire length is long.
Outdoor unit capacity
• Before starting work check that power is not being supplied to all poles of the indoor
unit and outdoor unit.
• Install all electrical works in accordance to the national standard.
• Install the disconnect device with a contact gap of at least 3 mm in all poles nearby the
units. (Both indoor unit and outdoor unit)
• Install the circuit breaker nearby the units.
2.4. Pipe length
Pipe length
66ft. (20m)
If the pipe lengths and height differences are not kept as shown in the table, correct
operation cannot be guaranteed.
The outdoor unit with the refrigerant removed from the packaging is sealed.
(Indoor unit, the refrigerant is not sealed.)
1 ø 208/230 V (60 Hz)
188-253 V
2 cable + Earth (Ground),
1 ø 208/230 V
3 cable + Earth (Ground),
1 ø 208/230 V
14.4 A
15 A
Max. height
10ft. (3m)
49ft. (15m)
18.2 A
20 A

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