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Mini-Split Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps
for Residential and Light Commercial Applications


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  • Page 1

    Mini-Split Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps for Residential and Light Commercial Applications...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS FEATURES Mini-Splits Defined.......... 4 Individual Zoning ..........6 Comfort Solution ..........8 Energy Efficient ..........9 Comfort & Convenience ....... 10 Applications ..........11 Feature Descriptions ........12 MODEL LINEUP Indoor and Outdoor Model Table ....14 SINGLE ZONE MINI-SPLITS Wall Mount ...........

  • Page 4

    Available in numerous mix-and-match capacities and configurations, there's a Halcyon mini-split system for even the most difficult to heat and cool areas. How Does a Mini-Split Work? Like your refrigerator, heat pumps use electricity to pump refrigerant and transfer heat from one space to another.

  • Page 5

    Fujitsu’s mini-splits compressor come in both cooling-only models or heat pumps, which provide both heating and cooling.

  • Page 6: Features

    Halcyon HFI Systems are some of today’s most advanced forms of heating and air ulti conditioning. One outdoor unit can operate up to 8 indoor units simultaneously. Fujitsu’s 18, 24, 36,000 BTUs HFI Systems are super quiet as well as highly energy efficient.

  • Page 7: Energy Efficient

    Concealed and out of sight Look of central air with the efficiency of a mini-split Less ducts = higher efficiency Wall Mounted They mount high on a wall, out of sight and do not require ductwork, increasing energy efficiency.

  • Page 8

    Central Air System versus Fujitsu HFI Quad Zone Don’t waste money cooling and heating the ducts Thick black lines in your walls and attic. Fujitsu systems are duct- represent ducts less, meaning they install easily and won’t take of a Central Air up valuable closet space.

  • Page 9

    To encourage customers to buy energy efficient products, many local utility companies offer significant rebates for the purchase of a ductless mini-split system. Go to Fujitsu’s web site to search for local rebates, consumer loans and utility bill discounts. We provide a listing of rebates and offerings on qualifying Fujitsu mini-splits by state.

  • Page 10: Comfort & Convenience

    Up to 30% more efficient Inverter System Stable temperature User Friendly Control Fujitsu is using ergonomics to expand the use of user friendly designs such as easy-to-read large LCD displays, easy-to-operate buttons, and displays with easily recognizable colors and icons. Optional Wired...

  • Page 11: Applications

    Applications Where can mini-splits be used? Convenience stores Fast food chains Fire houses Police stations Oil rigs Bars Sunrooms and additions Warehouses Nursing homes Small offices Older homes New construction homes Schools Places of worship Hospitals and medical facilities Restaurants Computer rooms Hotels and motels Car washes...

  • Page 12

    Warranty Energy Saver POWERFUL POWERFUL Fujitsu systems come with either a 2 Year Parts / 6 Year arranty Keeps room cool enough for comfort by using a relaxed Compressor warranty or a 5 Year Parts / 7 Year Compressor thermostat setting reducing power consumption.

  • Page 13: Wall Mount

    Feature Single Single Universal/ Single Zone Large HFI Multi-Zone Single Zone Wall Mount Wall Mount Zone Zone Ceiling Cassette and Flex-Zone Heat Pumps Ducted Cassette Susp. Cooling Summary SEER HSPF ENERGY STAR Qualified ® POWERFUL Apple Catechin Filter POWERFUL Ion Deodorizing Filter Sleep Timer ▲...

  • Page 14: Floor/ceiling

    MODEL LINEUP Single Zone And Multi-Zone Systems Lineup SINGLE ZONE MINI-SPLITS 9,000 12,000 15,000 Wall Mount 115V Inverter ASU9RL2 / AOU9RL2 ASU12RL2 / AOU12RL2 Wall Mount High SEER ASU9RLS2 / AOU9RLS2 ASU12RLS2 / AOU12RLS2 ASU15RLS2 / AOU15RLS2 Wall Mount Extra Low Temp Heating ASU9RLS2 / AOU9RLS2H ASU12RLS2 / AOU12RLS2H ASU15RLS2 / AOU15RLS2H...

  • Page 15: 2* - 4 Indoor Units


  • Page 16

    SINGLE ZONE MINI-SPLIT SYSTEMS Making the hottest places cool and the coolest places more comfortable Extensive lineup from 9,000 to 42,000 BTU/h 30 different systems available in 10 indoor unit styles Energy efficient systems with SEER  ratings as high as 27.2 and HSPF as high as 13.0...

  • Page 17

    115 volt heat pumps. Do you have a warm or cool Medium 353 (600) 353 (600) spot in your home? Fujitsu mini-splits can provide extra 265 (450) 265 (450) cooling or heating capacity for those hard to cool areas.

  • Page 18: Optional Accessories

    SINGLE ZONE MINI-SPLITS Wall Mounted High-SEER 9, 12 and 15,000 BTU Systems SYSTEMS 9RLS2, 12RLS2, 15RLS2 Federal Tax Credit Qualified See Page 9 for details Systems 9RLS2 and 12RLS2 only. Up to 27.2 SEER Energy Saving Program 9RLS2 12RLS2 15RLS2 These Halcyon systems know how to save you money even when you forget.

  • Page 19

    32/32 33/34 Drain Holes Base Heater and system performance Quiet 21/21 21/21 25/27 Outdoor Fan Speed RPM Clg/Htg 780/780 870/780 870/780 Fujitsu RLS2H Competitor Competitor Outdoor Noise Level 48/49 49/50 51/51 dB(A) Current : Cooling Rated Heating Power Use : Cooling 1.21...

  • Page 20: Standard Features

    SINGLE ZONE MINI-SPLITS Wall Mounted HFI Single Zone 9, 12, 18 and 24,000 BTU 9RLFW, 12RLFW, 18RLXFW, 24RLXFW 9RLFW, 12RLFW 18RLXFW, 24RLXFW Up to 23 SEER Standard Features 9RLFW 12RLFW 18RLXFW 24RLXFW Federal Tax Credit Qualified See Page 9 for details Wireless Remote Control Heat Pump Heat Pump...

  • Page 21

    Applications 164 (50) Combined Max. Lgth Ft (m) (pre-charge: 66’) 98 (30) Max. Vertical Diff. Fujitsu ductless heat pumps can be used to solve Ft (m) Conn. Pipe Diameter Suc. 5/8 Dis. 3/8 Inch various application-specific problems. Businesses and Net Weight lbs.

  • Page 22

    SINGLE ZONE MINI-SPLITS Wall Mounted 18, 24, 30 and 36,000 BTU Cooling Systems SYSTEMS 18CL, 24CL1, 30CLX1, 36CLX1 Up to 19.0 SEER ASU24CL1/ 30CLX1/36CLX1 AOU18CL AOU24CL1 AOU30CLX1 AOU36CLX1 Function Stylish, slim and elegant, these cooling- only wall mounted units are designed for 30CLX1 18CL 24CL1...

  • Page 23

    Ceiling and Universal Floor/Ceiling Mounted Systems SYSTEMS 18RULX, 24RULX, 36RSLX Up to 16 SEER Function The 18RULX and the 24RULX are universal mount. 18RULX 24RULX 36RSLX They can mount low on the wall or transverse mount them on the ceiling. The 36RSLX can only Heat Pump Heat Pump Heat Pump...

  • Page 24

    SINGLE ZONE MINI-SPLITS Federal Tax Credit Qualified Up to 21.5 SEER See Page 9 for details Systems 9RLFCD and 12RLFCD only. High Performance Heating Heating capacity at low 75°F outdoor temperatures is When achieved by adopting a used Single large heat exchanger Zone other models...

  • Page 25

    Compact Duct 9RLFCD 12RLFCD 18RLFCD Built-in drain pump allows for Heat Pump Heat Pump Heat Pump installation of compact duct unit in smaller spaces than traditional units. Nominal Cooling 9,000 12,000 18,000 BTU/h Traditional 3,100~12,000 3,100~13,600 3,100~20,100 Min~Max Cooling BTU/h Nominal Heating 12,000 16,000...

  • Page 26

    * Available only with optional wireless remote control. 3rd Party Device Control^ arty **Requires Fujitsu’s Optional Fresh Air Kit part #UTZ-VXAA. Allows for a 4-inch flex duct connection. Requires a field supplied duct booster fan Optional Accessories capable of 60 CFM at .2”W.C. or 90 CFM at .4”W.C. For fan static pressure requirements, see installation manual.

  • Page 27: Quiet Operation

    18RLFCC Easy Installation 9RLFCC 12RLFCC Heat Pump Heat Pump Heat Pump Fits into a standard ceiling tile*. 22.5” 22.5” 9,000 12,000 18,000 3,100~12,000 3,100~13,600 3,100~20,100 12,000 16,000 21,600 3,100~18,000 3,100~19,400 3,100~25,600 13.0 12.2 11.5 24.0 21.9 20.1 14.5/13.5 12.8/11.1 11.2/12.3 14~115 (-10~46) 14~115 (-10~46) 14~115 (-10~46) -5~75 (-21~24) -5~75 (-21~24)

  • Page 28

    These heat pumps provide up to 30% additional ceiling space. available heat when compared to conventional models. *Fresh air knockout available. Fresh air fan and ductwork field supplied. See design and technical manual for details. Fujitsu fresh air intake kit available part #KHRS940-25.

  • Page 29

    Suc. 1/2 Dis. 1/4 Suc. 5/8 Dis. 3/8 Suc. 5/8 Dis. 3/8 Suc. 5/8 Dis. 3/8 Net Weight lbs. (kg) 75 (34) 141 (64) 75 (34) 141 (64) 82 (37) 141 (64) 88 (40) 231 (105) Fujitsu provides knock-outs on all Dimensions: Height Inch 9-3/4 32-3/4...

  • Page 30

    MULTI ZONE MINI-SPLITS MULTI ZONE MINI-SPLIT SYSTEMS Revolutionary Halcyon HFI systems are changing the way we define comfort Operate as few as one indoor unit or all indoor units Choose from 3 indoor unit styles - wall mount, compact duct or cassette, including Designer Series RLS2 wall mount units ®...

  • Page 31

    Multi-Zone Outdoor Units 18, 24 and 36,000 BTUs AOU18RLXFZ, AOU24RLXFZ, AOU36RLXFZ 18, 24, 36,000 BTUs Part of the Halcyon Hybrid Flex Inverter (HFI) Line As part of the Halcyon HFI line of equipment, select indoor units are compatible with other HFI outdoor units, meaning mix and match capabilities with fewer components.

  • Page 32: Wall Mount

    MULTI ZONE MINI-SPLITS Mix and Match Flexibility 48,000 BTUs 18, 24, 36,000 BTUs AOU24RLXFZ AOU48RLXFZ1 AOU18RLXFZ AOU36RLXFZ Wall Mounts ASU7, 9, 12RLF ASU15RLS2 ASU9, 12RLS2 ASU18RLF Compact Ducts ARU18RLF ARU24RLF ARU9, 12RLF Separation Tubes, Branch Boxes Compact Cassettes AUU9, 12RLF AUU18RLF UTP-PU03A, UTP-PU03B UTP-SX248A...

  • Page 33

    Wall Mounted 7, 9, 12, 18 and 24,000 BTUs 18, 24, 36,000 BTUs 48,000 BTUs ASU7RLF, ASU9RLF, ASU9RLS2, ASU12RLF, ASU12RLS2, ASU15RLS2, ASU18RLF, ASU24RLF ASU9, 12, 15RLS2 ASU18, 24RLF ASU7, 9, 12RLF ASU7RLF ASU9RLF ASU12RLF ASU18RLF ASU24RLF ASU9RLS2 ASU12RLS2 ASU15RLS2 Heat Pump Heat Pump Heat Pump Heat Pump...

  • Page 34

    MULTI ZONE MINI-SPLITS 18, 24, 36,000 BTUs 48,000 BTUs ARU9, 12RLF ARU18RLF ARU24RLF ARU9RLF ARU12RLF ARU18RLF ARU24RLF Heat Pump Heat Pump Heat Pump Heat Pump Compact Duct Nominal Cooling 9,000 12,000 18,000 24,000 BTU/h Built-in drain pump allows for 10,200 13,500 20,000 27,000...

  • Page 35

    Auto Louver: Up/ Down + Available only with optional wireless remote control. **Requires Fujitsu’s Optional Fresh Air Kit part #UTZ-VXAA. Allows for a 4-inch flex duct connection. Quiet Mode Requires a field supplied duct booster fan capable of 60 CFM at .2”W.C. or 90 CFM at .4”W.C.

  • Page 36

    MULTI ZONE MINI-SPLITS Multi Zone Outdoor Units 18, 24 and 36,000 BTUs AOU18RLXFZ, AOU24RLXFZ, AOU36RLXFZ 18, 24, 36,000 BTUs AOU36RLXFZ AOU18, 24RLXFZ 18RLXFZ 24RLXFZ 36RLXFZ 36RLXFZ Compact Size Heat Pump Heat Pump Heat Pump 18+18 Combo The compact size of the outdoor ASU9+ASU9 ASU9+ASU7+ASU7 ASU9 x 4...

  • Page 37

    Flex Zone Outdoor Unit 48,000 BTUs AOU48RLXFZ1 48,000 BTUs Connect 2 to 8 indoor units AOU48RLXFZ1 80 to 130% connectable capacity Heat Pump Connect 39,000 to 62,000 BTU 2 to 8 Connectable Indoor Unit Number 2 Indoor Units 8 Indoor Units 80 to 130% Nominal 18k BTU/h + 24 k BTU/h = 42k BTU/h ··OK 7k BTU/h ×...

  • Page 38: Branch Boxes

    MULTI ZONE MINI-SPLITS Branch Boxes 48,000 BTUs UTP-PU03A, UTP-PU03B UTP-PU03A UTP-PU03B UTP-PU03A UTP-PU03B Primary Secondary Primary Secondary Dimensions: Gross  (Flare to Flare): 1 ~ 3 1 ~ 3 Connectable Indoor Unit 7-5/8 x 33 x 14-5/8 7-5/8 x 33 x 14-5/8 Height x Width x Depth Inch Max.

  • Page 39

    Branch Box Outdoor Enclosure 48,000 BTUs UTP-PX-A The Branch Box Outdoor Enclosure is used to mount the indoor style Branch Box outdoors. The Branch Box Outdoor Enclosure is a painted metal cover to match the condensing unit. When Branch Box Outdoor Enclosure is not required, see Installation Manual for indoor mounting instructions.

  • Page 40: Wiring

    MULTI ZONE MINI-SPLITS Wiring 48,000 BTUs Outdoor Unit 208-230 Power Supply 15 amp 40 amp Main Breaker Power Supply 40 amp HVACR HVACR 2  Wire + Ground* disconnect Breaker Breaker Ground Ground Junction Box High Voltage Com- munication 3 Wire + Ground Branch Box Branch Box Branch Box...

  • Page 41: Piping

    Piping 48,000 BTUs Separation Tube Assembly Kit Branch Box Branch Box Branch Box Outdoor Unit Liquid pipe 3/8 inch Gas pipe 5/8 inch Liquid pipe 1/4 inch Gas pipe 3/8”, 1/2”, or 5/8” *Branch box outlets are all 1/2” on gas pipe connections. based on indoor unit size* 1/2”...

  • Page 42: Allowable Combinations

    MULTI ZONE MINI-SPLITS Allowable Combinations for AOU18RLXFZ, AOU24RLXFZ, AOU36RLXFZ 18, 24, 36,000 BTUs ARU9RLF, ARU12RLF, ASU7RLF, ASU9RLF, AUU9RLF AOU18RLXFZ ARU18RLF, ARU24RLF ASU9RLS2, ASU12RLF, AUU12RLF AOU24RLXFZ ASU12RLS2, ASU15RLS2, AUU18RLF AOU36RLXFZ ASU18RLF, ASU24RLF BTU Capacity 7,000 9,000 12,000 18,000 24,000 15,000 AOU18RLXFZ AOU36RLXFZ 7 15 15 18 15 15 24 12 12 15...

  • Page 43

    Allowable Combinations for AOU48RLXFZ1 48,000 BTUs ARU9RLF, ARU12RLF, ASU7RLF, ASU9RLF, AUU9RLF AOU48RLXFZ1 ASU9RLS2, ASU12RLF, ARU18RLF, ARU24RLF AUU12RLF ASU12RLS2, ASU15RLS2, AUU18RLF ASU18RLF, ASU24RLF Allowed "Connectable Capacity" combinations between 100 and 130% 15 15 15 18 7 9 9 9 12 7 7 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 7 9 9 9 15 7 7 7 7 12...

  • Page 44: Accessories

    ACCESSORIES Wall Mounts Wired Remote Wired Remote Simple Remote Controller Controller Controller UTY-RNBYU /UTY-RNNUM UTY-RVNUM UTY-RSNUM* The wired remote controller with its unique Features a large backlit LCD display and Suitable when only basic operations lock function and sleek design provides full displays the room temperature. Provides are required for hotels, offices and feature access to property managers, full feature access to property managers,...

  • Page 45

    R410A Swivel Adapter K3PST K9R410A55 In order to minimize incorrect charging of systems with For use where code requires a disconnect at the R22 Fujitsu uses a different access port.  Contractors will indoor unit. need this 55-degree swivel access fitting. Single Single...

  • Page 46: Miscellaneous

    ^ Line set size from outdoor unit AOU48RLXFZ1 to the branch boxes. Minimum combined pipe length from outdoor unit to branch box. Minimum combined pipe length from branch box to indoor unit each. Fujitsu Model Nomenclature Model Super Reverse cycle...

  • Page 47

    Complete System Warranty Trademarks Warranties vary depending on model: The Fujitsu logo is a registered trademark of Fujitsu Limited. The Halcyon and 2 Year Parts, 6 Year Compressor Warranty OR Halcyon HFI logos and names are trademarks of Fujitsu General America, Inc.

  • Page 48

    You have warm or cold spots in your home or business Your window air conditioner’s noise prevents you from hearing the television Distributed by: Fujitsu General America, Inc. 353 Route 46 West Fairfield, NJ 07004 Toll Free: (888) 888-3424 Local: (973) 575-0380 Fax: (973) 836-0447 Email:

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