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Fujitsu 9363005011 Installation Manual

Ceiling suspension type
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(PART NO. 9363005011)
This air conditioner uses new refrigerant HFC (R407C).

For authorized service personnel only.

(1) For the air conditioner to operate satisfactorily, install it as outlined in this installa-
tion installation manual.
(2) Connect the indoor unit and outdoor unit with the air conditioner piping and cords
available standards parts.
This installation installation manual describes the correct connections using the
installation set available from our standard parts.
(3) Installation work must be performed in accordance with national wiring standards
by authorized personnel only.
(4) If refrigerant leaks while work is being carried out, ventilate the area.
If the refrigerant comes in contact with a flame, it produces a toxic gas.
(5) Do not turn on the power until all installation work is complete.
• Be careful not to scratch the air conditioner when handling it.
• After installation, explain correct operation to the customer, using the operating
• Let the customer keep this installation installation manual because it is used when
the air conditioner is serviced or moved.
This mark indicates procedures which, if improperly performed, might lead to the
death or serious injury of the user.
This mark indicates procedures which, if improperly performed, might possibly result
in personal harm to the user, or damage to property.
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  Summary of Contents for Fujitsu 9363005011

  • Page 1: Installation Manual

    CEILING Refrigerant R407C SUSPENSION TYPE SPLIT TYPE AIR CONDITIONER (PART NO. 9363005011) This air conditioner uses new refrigerant HFC (R407C). For authorized service personnel only. This mark indicates procedures which, if improperly performed, might lead to the WARNING! death or serious injury of the user.
  • Page 2 SELECTING THE MOUNTING POSITION [FOR HALF CONCEALED INSTALLATION] Fig. 2 Ceiling panel Install at a place that can withstand the weight of the indoor and outdoor units INDOOR UNIT and install positively so that the units will not topple or fall. Ceiling panel 6”...
  • Page 3: Connection Pipe Requirement

    STANDARD PARTS CONNECTION PIPE REQUIREMENT The following installation parts are furnished. Table 1 Use them as required. Diameter INDOOR UNIT ACCESSORIES     @ @ AA B B CC P P QQ R R Small Large 45,000 / 36,000 Description Q’ty Application...
  • Page 4 [For Half-Concealed Installation] INSTALLATION PROCEDURE • Suspension-bolt pitch should be as shown in Fig. 6. Install the air conditioner as follows: Fig. 7 1. PREPARING INDOOR UNIT INSTALLATION Ceiling Opening: 1,580 mm 40 mm 40 mm REMOVE THE INTAKE GRILLE AND SIDE COVER. Ceiling panel (1) Remove the two Air filters (Fig.4).
  • Page 5 3. DRILLING THE HOLES AND ATTACHING Fig. 13 Ceiling panel THE SUSPENSION BOLTS (1) Drill ø25mm holes at the suspension-bolt locations. Wall (2) Install the bolts, then temporarily attach Special nuts A and B and a normal M10 nut to each bolt. (The INDOOR UNIT two special nuts are provided with the unit.
  • Page 6 When bending the pipe, do not bend it as is. The pipe 3. CONNECTING THE PIPING will be collapsed. In this case, cut the heat insulating pipe with a sharp cutter as shown in Fig. 17, and bend it after exposing the pipe. After bending the pipe as you want, be sure to put the heat insulating pipe back (1) Do not use mineral oil on flared part.
  • Page 7 When the flare nut is tightened properly by your hand, Fig. 23 BR sheet hold the body side coupling with a separate spanner, then tighten with a torque wrench (Fig. 21). yy yy Fig. 21 Holding wrench Connection pipe Body side Indoor capillary tube 90°...
  • Page 8 5. DRAIN PIPING 6. HOW TO CONNECT WIRING TO THE TERMINALS • Install the drain pipe with downward gradient (1/50 to 1. IF ONE WIRE IS CONNECTED TO ONE 1/100) and so there are no rises or traps in the pipe. TERMINAL BLOCK •...
  • Page 9 7. ELECTRICAL WIRING Fig. 32 Strand wire Round terminal (1) Before starting work, check that power is not being supplied to the indoor unit. Screw with Screw with special washer (2) Match the terminal board numbers Round special washer terminal and connection cord colors with those of the indoor unit.
  • Page 10 Fig. 37 B. Individual operation for buildings Control box Fig. 41 Remote Remote controller Connection cord controller q w e q w e Terminal board q w e q w e q w e Indoor unit q w e q w e q w e Master Slave...
  • Page 11 • For the master unit, set SW2 on ”0”. For a slave Fig. 46 unit, set SW2 on ”1~3”. Remote con- troller cord White Fig. 44 [Example] Black Binder (small) q w e q w e q w e q w e Indoor unit q w e...
  • Page 12 12. TEST RUNNING REMOTE CONTROLLER Table 6 • Supply power to the crankcase heater 12 hours before the start of operation in the winter. • For test running, when the remote controller FAN CONTROL button and MASTER CONTROL button are pressed simultaneously for more than three sec- onds when the air conditioner is not running, the air conditioner starts and TEST is displayed on the remote controller display.
  • Page 13 13. FRESH-AIR INTAKE 14. A ERROR DISPLAY (1) Open up the knockout hole for the fresh-air intake, Operation can be checked by lighting and flashing of as shown in Fig. 50. (If using half-concealed installa- the display section OPERATION, TIMER and VERTICAL tion, open up the top knockout hole instead.) SWING lamps.