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1090 System Board - Lenovo Yoga 500-14IBD Hardware Maintenance Manual

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Yoga 500-14IBD/Yoga 500-14IHW/Yoga 500-14ACL/Yoga 500-14ACZ/
1090 System board
Important notices for handling the system board:
When handling the system board, bear the following in mind.
• Be careful not to drop the system board on a bench top that has a hard surface,
such as metal, wood, or composite.
• Avoid rough handling of any kind.
• During the whole process, make sure not to drop or stack the system board.
• If you put a system board down, make sure to put it only on a padded surface such
as an ESD mat or conductive corrugated material.
For access, remove these FRUs in order:
• "1010 Base cover" on page 32
• "1020 Battery pack" on page 35
• "1030 Hard disk drive" on page 37
• "1040 PCI Express Mini Card for wireless LAN" on page 40
• "1060 IO board" on page 43
• "1070 Speakers" on page 44
• "1080 Fan assembly and Heat Sink assembly" on page 45
Figure 9. Removal steps of system board
Detach the LCD cable in the direction shown by arrows 1 and 2.
Yoga 500-14IBD/Yoga 500-14IHW/Yoga 500-14ACL/
Yoga 500-14ACZ
Yoga 500-15IBD/Yoga 500-15IHW/Yoga 500-15ACL

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