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Lenovo Yoga 500-14IBD Hardware Maintenance Manual page 50

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Yoga 500-14IBD/Yoga 500-14IHW/Yoga 500-14ACL/Yoga 500-14ACZ/
Yoga 500-15IBD/Yoga 500-15IHW/Yoga 500-15ACL Hardware Maintenance Manual
Figure 8. Removal steps of fan assembly and heat sink assembly (continued)
Remove the Fan and Heat Sink in the direction shown by arrow 4.
When installing:
• Route the antenna cables along the cable guides. As you route the cables,
• Make sure that the connector is attached firmly.
When installing:
Before you attach the fan assembly to the computer, apply thermal grease,
at an amount of 0.2 grams, to the part shown in the figure above. Either
too much or too less grease application can cause a thermal problem due to
imperfect contact with a component.
make sure that they are not subjected to any tension. Tension could cause
the cables to be damaged by the cable guides, or a wire to be broken.

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