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A.1.2 Low Voltage Directive
We have self-confirmed our inverters as products compliant to the Low Voltage Directive (conforming standard
EN 61800-5-1) and place the CE mark on the inverters.
Outline of instructions
Do not use an earth leakage current breaker as an electric shock protector without connecting the equipment to the
earth. Connect the equipment to the earth securely.
Wire the earth terminal independently. (Do not connect two or more cables to one terminal.)
Use the cable sizes on page 19 under the following conditions.
– Surrounding air temperature: 40°C maximum
If conditions are different from above, select appropriate wire according to EN60204 Appendix C TABLE 5.
Use a tinned (plating should not include zinc) crimping terminal to connect the earth cable. When tightening the screw,
be careful not to damage the threads.
For use as a product compliant with the Low Voltage Directive, use PVC cable whose size is indicated on page 19.
Use the moulded case circuit breaker and magnetic contactor which conform to the EN or IEC Standard.
This product can cause a DC current in the protective earthing conductor. Where a residual current-operated protective
(RCD) or monitoring (RCM) device is used for protection in case of direct or indirect contact, only an RCD or RCM of
Type B is allowed on the supply side of this product.
Use the inverter under the conditions of overvoltage category II (usable regardless of the earth condition of the power
supply), overvoltage category III (usable with the earthed-neutral system power supply, 400V class only) and pollution
degree 2 or lower specified in IEC664. An insulating transformer needs to be installed in the input side of the FR-A820
series inverters.
– To use the inverter FR-A820-01540(30K) or higher, the FR-A840-00770(30K) or higher (IP00) and the FR-A842
models under the conditions of pollution degree 2, install it in the enclosure of IP 2X or higher.
– To use the inverter under the conditions of pollution degree 3, install it in the enclosure of IP54 or higher (standard
models and separated converter types only).
– To use the inverter FR-A820-01250(22K) or less and FR-A840-00620(22K) or less (IP20) outside of an enclosure in
the environment of pollution degree 2, fix a fan cover with fan cover fixing screws enclosed.
FR-A820-00105(1.5K) to 00250(3.7K)
FR-A840-00083(2.2K), 00126(3.7K)
On the input and output of the inverter (and the converter unit), use cables of the type and size set forth in EN60204
Appendix C.
The operating capacity of the relay outputs (terminal symbols A1, B1, C1, A2, B2, C2) should be 30VDC, 0.3A. (Relay
outputs are basically isolated from the inverter internal circuit (and the converter unit).)
Control circuit terminals on page 5 are safely isolated from the main circuit.
LD, ND (initial setting), HD ratings: –10 to +50°C
Surrounding air
Ambient humidity
Maximum altitude
For IP55 compatible models: Install the inverter at a place where ultraviolet radiation is not applied directly.
Fan cover
fixing screw
Fan cover
During Operation
SLD rating: –10 to +40°C
IP55 compatible models: –10 to +40°C
95% RH or less
Fan cover
fixing screws
Fan cover
FR-A820-00340(5.5K) to 00250(22K)
FR-A840-00170(5.5K) to 00620(22K)
In Storage
–20 to +65°C
95% RH or less
During Transportation
–20 to +65°C
95% RH or less


Table of Contents

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