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Troubleshooting Guide - Asus R300 User Manual

Portable navigation device
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. Troubleshooting guide

Thank you again for purchasing our product. We hope you will enjoy every minute of using
it. However you may face difficulties before you get really accustomed to ASUS GO. In such
cases, please, refer to this table of frequently encountered problematic situations.
I cannot find the arrow that would show my location. Navigation does not start.
Check the GPS status icon on the Main menu screen, any of the map screens or the GPS
Data screen. Either the connection to your GPS receiver is broken, or the GPS cannot
determine your position. Reconnect your GPS, or move out of cover to get a position fix.
The GPS is connected, sending valid position data, yet I cannot see the arrow that would
show my position.
You should see a large semi-transparent 'Follow' icon on the screen. Tap this to re-enable
the Lock-to-Position feature that moves the map back to your actual location.
The arrow shows my location, but I cannot see the route (), and no voice instructions are
It is likely that you have no active route. Check the upper left corner of the Cockpit screen
if you can see the indication for the next turn or not. If this field is blank, you have no route
planned, so you need to create one first. It is a common mistake to find a destination, show
it on the map, but forget to tap the 'Route To' button in the Cursor menu to create the route.
Be sure to follow these steps, or always plan your routes with the 'Find & GO' button that will
ensure your route is calculated automatically as soon as the destination has been selected.
I cannot see the Follow button on the screen, yet the map is not rotated during driving.


Table of Contents

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