Asus R300 Quick Start Manual
Asus R300 Quick Start Manual

Asus R300 Quick Start Manual

Asus pnd r300 qsg in english version
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  • Page 1 R300 E3403 Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide 15G06A348000...
  • Page 2: Layout Features

    Layout Features Connects to an external antenna for better signal performance (the external External Antenna port antenna is optional) Insert the external Micro SD memory card to this slot Micro SD Slot Press to turn on the device, or to enter into sleep mode Sleep Mode Button Red- charging, Yellow- full charged Charging LED...
  • Page 3: Charging The Battery

    Charging the Battery You can charge the device from a car charger kit. Plug any of these cables to the mini-USB port on the right side of the device. NOTE: - When the Main Power Switch is set to Off, the device Car charger kit can not be charged.
  • Page 4 Install the Car Kit and Turn on the Device To turn on the device, set the main power switch (at the bottom of the device) to ON. To enter into/wake up from sleep mode, press the Sleep Mode Button ( ) on the top of the device.
  • Page 5 Main Menu and Basic Settings The main menu appears after you turn on the device. From the main menu, you can: Tap Navigation to enter the navigation system. Tap Video Player to play videos. Tap Music Player to play music. Tap Photo Viewer to view photos.
  • Page 6 - The Date & Time button allows you to set the date and time for your device. - The Bluetooth button allows you to connect R300 to a cellphone. - The Volume button allows you to adjust/mute the sound for the device and phone calls.
  • Page 7: Multimedia Features

    Multi-Media Features R300 allows you to play music (mp3 and wma files), view photos (jpg. and bmp. files) Playing music and videos (wmv. files). Tap the respective tap to circulate icons from the main menu to launch the tap to play applications.
  • Page 8: Using Navigation

    Using Navigation The Navigation Menu When ASUS GO is started, the Navigation Menu appears. From here you can reach all parts of ASUS GO. • Tap Find Address to specify an address as your destination. • Tap Recent Places for a list of recent destinations.
  • Page 9: Operating Modes

    • Tap Settings to customise the way ASUS GO works. • Tap Exit to stop navigation, and exit ASUS GO. Operating modes ASUS GO can operate in two different modes: • Normal Mode - designed for easy operation when performing frequent tasks •...
  • Page 10 Find an address (1) 1. In the Navigation Menu tap Find Address. 2. Select the destination country. Tap the first line on the list that shows the country you are currently in (or searched for recently). On the next screen, select the country from the list. In some countries, you are also asked to select the state.
  • Page 11 Find an address (2) 5. Enter the house number. Tap the line that says <House Number> and type the house number. You can also: • Tap City Center after selecting the city if you do not have a specific address on your mind, •...
  • Page 12 following choices: • Tap Navigate To to select the address as your destination and start navigating there. • Tap Add to Favorites to save the address as one of your favourite destinations. • Tap Map to browse the map without planning a route. •...
  • Page 13 3. Enter the list of POIs in one of the following ways: • Tap one of the POI groups to open a list of its subgroups, then tap the needed subgroup to enter the list of POIs. Use the left and right arrow buttons to see additional POI groups. •...
  • Page 14 • Tap Info to display detailed information on the POI. Map and Navigation (1) ASUS GO can display two types of maps: • 2D map that looks like a conventional road map and works best for browsing • 3D view that shows streets as well as buildings or landmarks (where available), and works best for navigation Tap the 2D or 3D icon to change between the views.
  • Page 15 Zoom in and out by tapping the corresponding buttons. In 3D view, you can also tilt and rotate the view with the arrow buttons. In 2D map mode, you can also modify the planned route by tapping Detour. If you want to avoid a certain route, you can set it here.
  • Page 16 2. Tap Yes from the Connect to a Bluetooth handset first screen. 3. The Bluetooth Device Found screen displays the devices. 4. Tap a device name. Input the PIN number to your cellphone. 5. Tap the paired device name and tap Connect to connect R300 to the cellphone. Step Step...
  • Page 17 ~~~~~~End~~~~~~ For more information, please see the full User Manual which is included in the support CD of your R300. The screens and procedures in this guide may not be exactly the same with the product in your hand, please take them as reference only.

Table of Contents