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Asus R600 Quick Start Manual
Asus R600 Quick Start Manual

Asus R600 Quick Start Manual

Portable navigation device
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Portable Navigation Device

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Summary of Contents for Asus R600

  • Page 1: Quick Start Guide

    R600 Portable Navigation Device Quick Start Guide QE3219...
  • Page 2: Layout Features

    Layout Features Light Sensor Power charge LED LCD touch screen Microphone MENU button 5-way Key Sleep Mode button External antenna jack Microphone SD card slot Audio line-in USB port Main power switch Speaker Automatically adjusts the backlight according to the light in the environment Orange- charging, Blue- full charged Displays information and allows you to manipulate items and execute menus by tapping the screen...
  • Page 3: Charging The Battery

    Charging the Battery You can charge the device using the bundled AC power adapter or from an car charger kit. Plug any of these cables to the mini-USB port on the right side of the device. AC power adapter Car charger kit To check how much battery power remains: 1.
  • Page 4 Install the Car Kit and Turn on the Device To turn on the device, turn on the main power switch at the back of device, then press the Sleep Mode Button ( Main power switch To install the car kit: 1.
  • Page 5 - The Backlight button allows you to adjust the LCD brightness. It provides two adjustment modes, Fix backlight brightness and Adjustment by environment brightness. (Note: R600 has Light Sensor function that allows you to adjust LCD brightness for either a lighter or a darker environment, see figure 1).
  • Page 6: Multimedia Features

    Multi-Media Features R600 allows you to playing music (mp3 and wma files), view photos (jpg. and bmp. files) and videos (wmv. files). Tap the respective icons from the main menu to launch the applications. Viewing photos back to the main menu...
  • Page 7 6. Tap Go from the map screen. The navigation system calculates the route and ready for a driving. Step 4 Step 3 Step 1 Step 2 Step 5 Note: The phone icon only appears when your R600 is connected to a cellphone. Step 6...
  • Page 8 4 zoom out compass QuickNav Volume GPS Generated Information figure 1 figure 2 figure 3 Note: The Phone icon only appears when your R600 is connected to a cellphone via Bluetooth. Dial zoom in power indicator GPS status menu button...
  • Page 9 5. Tap the device to choose it and tap Pair. 6. Tap the paired device name and tap Connect to connect R600 to the cellphone. An orange icon appears in front of the device when R600 and your cellphone are connected. Step...
  • Page 10 ~~~~~~End~~~~~~ For more information, please see the full User Manual which is included in the support CD of your R600. The screens and procedures in this guide may not be exactly the same with the product in your hand, please take them as reference only.