Honeywell CADVR-1004-WD-M User Manual

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Digital Video Recorder

User Manual



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  • Page 1: Digital Video Recorder

    Digital Video Recorder CADVR-1004-WD-M CADVR-1008-WD-M CADVR-1004-WD CADVR-1008-WD CADVR-2004WD CADVR-2008WD CADVR-2016WD CADVR-4008WD CADVR-4016WD CADVR-8016WD User Manual...
  • Page 3: Welcome

    Welcome Thank you for purchasing our DVR! Please refer to this user’s manual for the installation and operation Here you can find information about this series DVR features and functions, as well as a detailed menu tree. Before installation and operation please read the following safeguards and warnings carefully! Important Safeguards and Warnings Power This DVR select the adapter is DC12V;...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    INDEX Welcome................................2 Important Safeguards and Warnings....................... 2 ..............................3 Chapter 1 FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS............4 Overview................................4 Features................................4 Chapter 2 SYESTEM DIAGRAM..................13 2.1 SYESTEM DIAGRAM........................... 13 Chapter 3 Hardware......................13 3.1 H.264 standalone 4CH/8CH/16CH DVR....................13 Chapter 4 Operation......................17 4.1Operation instruction..........................17 4.2 Powering On.............................
  • Page 5: Chapter 1 Features And Specifications

    Chapter 1 FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS Overview This series product is an excellent digital monitor product designed for security field. It adopts embedded Linux OS to maintain reliable operation. Popular H.264 compression algorithm and G.711 audio compression technology realize high quality, low bit stream. Unique frame by frame play function is suitable for detail analysis.
  • Page 6 ●… Communication port RS485 port can realize alarm input and PTZ control. RS232 port can connect to keyboard to realize central control, and can also connect to PC COM to upgrade system and realize maintenance, and matrix control. Standard Ethernet port can realize network access function. ●…...
  • Page 7 Alarm input Alarm Output Language Multi-Language English, Chinese, Korean Storage & Back Up DVD Writer DVD-R (DVR Writer not attached with DVR) Internal HDD 1 SATA HDD Data Backup USB2.0 (Flash disk, portable disk, USB burner and etc.) Serial Port PTZ Camera Control 1 x RS-485 Operation...
  • Page 8 Display Multiscreen Display 1 / 4 Windows 1 / 4 / 8 / 9 Windows Playback Playback 8 CH Playback Mode Normal Playback, Various playback speed (Forward, Backward, Step) Search Mode Date/Time Alarm Alarm input 4ch Alarm inputs Alarm Output 1ch Alarm output Language Multi-Language...
  • Page 9 Audio 4CH RCA Input / 1CH 8CH RCA I Input / 1CH 4CH RCA Input / 1CH Input & Output Output Output Output Voice Talk Recording Compression Format H.264 VBR / CBR Compression WD1 Real Time Recording Mode Manual/alarm/motion detection/timing Motion Detection Each Channel Area Selectable(Sensitivity Adjustable) Data Authentication...
  • Page 10 SPECIFICATION (4SATA Series) Model CADVR-4008WD CADVR-4016WD Video Video Input 8CH, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω 16CH, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω Video Standard NTSC/PAL Video Output CVBS/VGA/HDMI VGA Output 1024*768, 1280*1024,1440*900,720P,1080P Image & storage 8CH WD1 record & 8CH WD1 real time 16CH WD1 record &16CH WD1 real time Resolution playback playback...
  • Page 11 Network Interface 10/100 base-T Ethernet (RJ-45) System Time Sync Support Network Time Protocol Other Operating Temperature Operating Humidity 10%~90% / Non-condensing -10℃~55℃ Power DC 12V, 6A Dimensions 440(W)x400(D)x70(H)mm Weight Approx. 5kg (Exclude HDD) SPECIFICATION (8SATA Series) Model CADVR-8016WD Video Video Input 16CH, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω...
  • Page 12 Operation Via Front Panel Control, USB Mouse, Remote Controller, TCP/IP (Network), Cell Phone Control Applications Interface Network ActiveX Base Web Live & Search / CAWD-CS Access (Live, Setting, Search, Recoding, Remote Access Tool ETC.) / Cell phone Network Network Service Protocol: TCP/IP, PPPOE, SMTP,UPNP,DHCP and DDNS, 3G Network Interface 10/100 base-T Ethernet (RJ-45)
  • Page 13 CADVR-20XXWD CADVR-4008/4016WD CADVR-8016WD...
  • Page 14: Chapter 2 Syestem Diagram

    Chapter 2 SYESTEM DIAGRAM 2.1 SYESTEM DIAGRAM Chapter 3 Hardware 3.1 H.264 standalone 4CH/8CH/16CH DVR 3.1.1 Hard disk Installation For the first use, please install the hard disk ○ 1 Remove the screws on both ○ 2 extracted from the next cover up ○...
  • Page 15: Rear Panel

    ○ 4 fix the screw of hard disk ○ 5 close cover ○ 6 install the screws on both sides of shell 3.1.2 Rear panel CADVR-1004WD-M CADVR-1004WD CADVR-2004WD CADVR-1008WD-M CADVR-1008WD CADVR-2008WD...
  • Page 16 CADVR-4008WD 16CH CADVR-2016WD CADVR-4016WD CADVR-8016WD Item Interface Description VIDEO IN 16ch video input AUDIO IN 4ch audio input V-OUT 1ch video output A-OUT 1ch audio output VGA monitor HD-OUT HDMI interface 6 NETWORK RJ45 for internet 7...
  • Page 17: Alarm Input Port

    USB/ MOUSE First USB for backup or upgrade system of DVR;Second 8 USB for mouse ON/OFF Power supply switcher 9 DC-12V Power adapter port 10 ALARM IN:4CH alarm input port 11 RS-485:A, B ALARM OUT: N1 N2 for alarm output port, every channel connect C and O;...
  • Page 18: Chapter 4 Operation

    Chapter 4 Operation 4.1Operation instruction 4.1.1 Remote control AND Front panel keypad...
  • Page 19 Table: Keypad Keypad Operating Operating Name Name instruction instruction This button is used 【POWER】 Power ON/OFF 【 ENTER 】 as“enter”and“ok” key in most 【OK】 circumstances 【MENU】 Access main menu Exit operation or enter upper menu Close soft keyboard Close current window Access/exit from PTZ control 【ESC】...
  • Page 20 Digital input Corresponding; playback 【0~9 10+】 Channel is magnified in full screen under preview state Short cut 【FN】 【 】 Playback stop Switching of 1/4/8/9/16 Preview 【 】 mode Play / Pause 【 】 Four-way to move the focal point in main menu, up and ▲.▼.
  • Page 21: Powering On

    Right click mouse, popping the shortcut menu, as follows; Right click mouse Through the menu can be switching preview screen window mode, start replays, PTZ control. Four pictures playback mode, the point of the right mouse button, Can in a single picture, four pictures, eight pictures (8 road playback), 16 screen road playback),...
  • Page 22: Shutdown

    Main Menu PTZ control Wizard language Alarm control Multi channel Display setup Recording Control Exit Playback Back up If before starting, the system not to install hard disk, into the system, will tip: system didn't detect any hard disk connection! Note: In this dialog you can select language and quickly set various of parameters.
  • Page 23: Multi Channel

     Abnormal shutdown Through the rear panel to shutdown During the DVR running, directly to turn off the power through the rear panel power switch, please avoid as much as possible to do it. (specially while the DVR recording). Directly to pull up the power cable of DVR While the DVR running, directly to pull up the power cable of DVR, please avoid as much as possible to do it.
  • Page 24: Recording Operation

    Channel happen when dynamic Channel is video when channel test, channel video pictures video pictures showed this symbol showed this symbol Channel open sound, the channel video pictures showed this symbol 4.6 Recording operation Customer can according to select the different kind of recording mode in this system. For the different kind of recording mode you set, the channel will be showed the mark on everyone channel.
  • Page 25: Playback Video

    4.7 Playback video Button Description Button Description Hide / display list Synchronous/asynchronous play Speed slow recording date Speed normal Recording Date Speed fast Select Playback Time Sound off/on Play/pause/stop Voice adjustment rewind 1/4/8/9/16 screen(switch image) Note: 1) During playback the Playback Tool will show the file playback speed, channel, timing, playback speed etc. information in the Playback control panel;...
  • Page 26: How To Control Ptz

    4.8 How to control PTZ 【Zoom】Lens in the current play far closer picture, use the mouse wheel also can undertake variable times control. 【Focus】Slight adjusting the focal length 【Iris】Aperture size adjustment 【Speed】Through the slider adjust rotation step interval, PTZ mainly used to control direction operation, the step length of turning the faster PTZ 【Preset】Adjust the camera Angle, then direction and the corresponding input and clicking on [ setup] button, preset dots to set the dots in the preset rastelli.
  • Page 27: Alarm Control

    【Delete Preset】Cruise lines from deleting preset points. 【Clear Tour】Remove the cruise line designated. Note : some equipment doesn't fully support all function, depending on the specific PTZ equipment and different. 【Control】PTZ Control 【Tour Scan】Point between cruise control. 【Pattern Scan】Track patrol control. 【PTZ Reset】Remove all Settings, original reset to the original state.
  • Page 28: Display Adjust

    4.10 Display Adjust Video 【Video Effect】Optional: standard, downy, sharp, custom. 【Default】Restoring default effect, for custom video effects, copy standard effect parameters. Through the slider fluctuation sliding, respectively adjustable brightness, contrast and saturation, tonal, etc. (2)Monitor 【Device】Optional: VGA output, TV output etc display output device. 【Default】Restoring default display parameters.
  • Page 29: Chapter 5 Menu Operation Guide

    The second generation of DVR’s optional:VGA Output+HDMI Output、TV Output. 【Resolution】Setting the resolution of the display device. The first generation of DVR default VGA resolution is 1024 x 768; The second generation of DVR default VGA resolution is 1280 x 1024; Chapter 5 Menu Operation Guide 5.1 Recording Setup (1) Recording Setup...
  • Page 30: Camera

    【Channel】Choose the need to install passage "whole" says setting all channels. 【Channel Name】Can manual corresponding input channel's name 【 Channel Display 】 Can choose according to the requirements of users don't use, the top-left corner, left, lower, middle and downward, upper, right, and lower. 【Time Display】Can choose according to the requirements of users don't use, the top-left corner, left, lower, middle and downward, upper, right, and lower.
  • Page 31 (1) PTZ Setup 【Channel】Choose regional channels, PTZ Settings "whole" says setting all channels 【PTZ Protocol】PTZ equipment communication protocol It contains these options: Pelco_D、Pelco_P、LILIN、MINKING、STAR、VIDO、NEON、DSCP、HY、N-control、 RM110、SAMSUNG,the default option is Pelco_D. ★Note: parameter Settings every channel need after completion in Settings of gc1318 alone. 【PTZ Address】PTZ equipment address, digital range 0 to 255.
  • Page 32 【Alarm Output】Happen when video lost upcoming linkage selected channel corresponding alarm output (3)Motion Detection 【Channel】Choose need to set up mobile testing area passage "whole" says setting all channels 【Sensitivity Setting】Can be set to give: minimum, low, general, high, highest 【Detection Area】Click Settings enter. Green area for dynamic test, gray areas design.ferroconcrete-brick undefended area for.
  • Page 33: Network Setup

    5.3 Network Setup (1)General Setup 【DHCP】 After checked automatic assignment device will get IP address, subnet mask, the default gateway, the DNS server, etc 【UPnP】Can choose according to the requirement 【IP Address】Network logic address can according to the requirements set 【Subnet Mask】Server subnet mask 【Default Gateway】Server gateway 【DNS Server】DNS server addresses...
  • Page 34 : PPPoE dial-up successful, according to 【 PPPoE IP 】 shown on IP address, users can remote access hard disk video recorder. By nic LAN IP access. The dvr support model: Unicom:huawei E173,zhongxing MF100 Telecom:huawei EC150.huawei EC156.zhongxing MF583 “3G DIAL” have two modes with automatic and manual dialing, the operation follows as below. Automatic Dialing Select the Automatic Dialing in the interface of the following picture, fill the right information according to the operator where the 3G card belongs to and the 3G referred guide, It includes IPS names, AP, dial-telephone, ID and...
  • Page 35 (3)DDNS Setup 【 DDNS Service 】 Dynamic provider website, DDNS server, compatible with SODDNS,TODDNS,DYNDNS.ORG.if you select soddns or toddns, you can customize your favorite domain shows as following picture.
  • Page 36 【DDNS Domain】Dynamic domain name, soft keyboard and hard keyboard can be input. use case 【User】Login domain name service provider website user name 【Password】Login domain name service provider website password : through the dynamic DNS server. Support dynamic DNS. (4)Email 【SSL Protocol】Sending E-mail in use safety network connection 【Test Email】Send an email to the recipient mailbox test 【Email Address】The recipient's email address.
  • Page 37: System Setup

    According to the customer request can be checked 【Video Setup 】and 【 Motion Detection 】 sending emails. Two can also choose. Note : your sender email must support SMTP. (5)Access Control 【List Rule】According to the requirement to choose: don't use, allow access, refused to visit. 【Starting IP】Display IP address started section 【Ending IP】Display IP address end segments 【Add】On the basis of the need for added...
  • Page 38 【 Remote Controller 】 Used in a remote remote device control more hard disk video recorder occasions, only in remote controls address and hard disk video recorder Numbers identical to remote operation. 【Device Name】According to the requirement to select the time zones, has twenty six time zone for user Settings. 【Date Mode】To choose Date display modes include MM/DD/YY,DD/MM/YY,YY/MM/DD.
  • Page 39 【Disk Full】When video disk full system how to deal with, "said system will be automatic coverage the earliest video files continue covering video," stop video "says system to stop the current video. 【File Time】Says automatic generation video files interval, the set range 5-120 minutes. 【Recording Bit-rate】Said the total rate of current coding 【Recording Time】Said the storage devices systems installed in accordance with the current bit rate can store video of time.
  • Page 40 【User】Characters in length up to 8 bytes, ignore trailing Spaces. Can be letters, Numbers, and other symbols. The user has the largest number of eight, user name may not be repeated. 【System Privileges】According to the requirements set of functions need checked 【Add User】...
  • Page 41: System Management

    【Buzzer Output】In the chosen time intervals have alarm input will start buzzer output. 【Send Email】In the chosen time intervals have alarm input which will send relevant information, such as the alarm events, paparazzi pictures, equipment name, device ID, etc sent to user specifies the mailbox. 【Alarm Output】In the chosen time intervals have alarm input will start alarm output (6)Margin Adjust By the function, you can adjust the distance between the display device and the picture edge.
  • Page 42 Show the system hardware versions, software version, release dates. Click [software upgrade 】, the system began to automatically detect and upgrade file. Cloud ID: Mobile use Note : equipment currently support upgrades: local USB mode, IE mode, the client software. USB mode : former ensure USB device to connect upgrade normal, as upgrade program has copy USB devices in the root directory.
  • Page 43 【Log Type】Optional: all, operation log, set diaries, alarm log, error log Note : according to the left, right arrow can move forward and content. (3)Default Restoring default can restore selected according to need. The system restore to the default configuration state out, can according to the menu options choose to restore the corresponding Settings.
  • Page 44: Chapter 6 Ie Preview

    【Exception Type】Choose abnormalities: hard disk full, hard disk errors, network connection. 【Buzzer】When abnormality, choose whether to allow the buzzer hints. Chapter 6 IE Preview 6.1 logging on interface To input the IP address Pretermission IP address is
  • Page 45: System Settings

    6.2 System Settings Point , As the picture ,You can set up language directory,After all to save you set.
  • Page 48: State Control

    6.3 State control In state control you can set reboot server, close server , remote to go up Remote upgrade: let PC file load in the system Log: to inquire sometime the server’s action...
  • Page 50: Chapter 7 Cawdview Phone Software For Use

    phone software for use Chapter 7 CAWDView Please refer to the help center of the CAWDView . Chapter 8 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 01:Why the DVR did not run after connect the power supply? ①Please check the power switch turn on or off at the rear panel of DVR. ②Please check if the turn on DVR operation correct or not? ③If you select the adaptor +12V, 5A or above? (8ch 5A, 16ch 220V 200W)
  • Page 51 02:Still stop over on the boot-strap frame? Physical damaged in hard disk drive Boot manager abnormal. 03:Why does appear the boot running too slow? ①There are too much capacity data in hard disk drive, the system will automatic search the data when the system boot up, caused the boot running slow.
  • Page 52 10:Why do the color of live video and record video data distortion? ①Make sure the input and output video parameter of main menu setting correct; ②Make sure the connection is correct; 11:Why does the video skew became deformed, color cast? ①Make sure the VGA cable and DVR be connected with grounding properly;...
  • Page 53 B: Equipment failure caused by not conforming to the using environment C: No warranty card D: Warranty expired Product model Product serial number User name Purchasing time Contact person Telephone Note:Please keep the warranty card for the better service. © 2014 Honeywell International Inc.