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Cleaning; Disposal Of Old Devices; Legal Stipulations - Silvercrest SUNL 1.2 A1 User Manual

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Disconnect the USB charger adapter
from the mains socket and remove all con-
nected devices before cleaning it. Other-
wise there is the risk of fatal injury
caused by electric shock.
There is also the risk of a short circuit which
can damage the USB charger adapter and
any connected device.
If soiled, clean the USB charger adapter with a
dry cloth, and moisten the cloth slightly to
remove stubborn dirt. Do not use any solvents,
corrosive or gaseous cleaning agents. Ensure
that no moisture penetrates the adapter.

Disposal of old devices

The product bears the symbol of a
crossed-out wheelie bin. It is therefore
subject to the European Directive
All old electrical and electronic devices must be
separated from normal household waste and
disposed of at designated state facilities. For
further information contact your local authori-
ties, waste disposal office or the shop where
you bought the device.

Legal stipulations

 The USB charger adapter meets all relevant
standards in relation to conformity. Compli-
ance with these standards is no longer guar-
anteed in the event of unauthorised modifi-
cation or changes to the USB charger
 If you are not using the charger adapter
within the Federal Republic of Germany, you
must observe the regulations and laws in the
country of use.
USB charger adapter SUNL 1.2 A1