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Operating Environment/Environmental Conditions - Silvercrest SUNL 1.2 A1 User Manual

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 A damaged or incorrectly installed mains
socket can cause a fire or electric shock. For
this reason only connect the USB charger
adapter to sockets which are intact as well
as completely and correctly fitted.
 There is also the risk of fire if the USB
charger adapter is not fully inserted into the
mains socket and there is a loose connection
as a result.
 Never use any adapter plugs or extension
cables which are damaged or which do not
comply with valid safety standards.
 Please note that small children can also
disconnect the USB charger adapter from
the mains and therefore gain access to an
unprotected mains socket.
 To disconnect a cable always hold the USB
charger adapter and pull the plug, not the
cable. Ensure that the cable is not kinked
and does not cause an obstruction.
 If the USB charger adapter is exposed to
extreme temperature fluctuations, condensa-
tion can lead to the accumulation of moisture
which can cause a short circuit. In this case
wait until the USB charger adapter has
reached ambient temperature before use.
Operating environment/Environmental
Protect the USB charger adapter against
moisture, vibration, dust, heat and direct
sunlight. Do not place any objects containing
liquids, such as vases or drinks, near the
device. It could be damaged as a result.
USB charger adapter SUNL 1.2 A1