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Operational Safety - Silvercrest SUNL 1.2 A1 User Manual

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 Small parts can be life-threatening if swal-
lowed. Also note that there is a risk of suffo-
cation if air passages are blocked by the
plastic packaging.
 If you detect any smoke, fumes or unusual
odours or noises, remove the USB adapter
from the mains socket immediately. In these
cases the device should not be used until it
has been inspected by authorised service

Operational safety

Never connect the USB charger
adapter to any devices containing non-
rechargeable batteries, as these can
explode during charging.
 Only connect the USB charger adapter to a
freely accessible mains socket so that it can
be quickly disconnected from the mains in
the event of danger (smoke, fumes or smell
of burning).
 Always disconnect the USB charger adapter
from the mains supply if no device is being
charged. It consumes power, even if it is not
connected to a device. This minimises the
risk of fire or smouldering which always ex-
ists when an electrical device is connected to
the mains power supply.
 Always disconnect the USB charger adapter
from the mains power supply before a storm
or thunderstorm if there is the risk of light-
ning, as the USB charger adapter and the
connected device can be irreparably dam-
aged by high voltage surges if lightning
USB charger adapter SUNL 1.2 A1