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Carrying Tool; Cutting Repetitive Lengths; Groove Cutting - Makita LS1212 Instruction Manual

Slide compound saw equipped with electric blade brake 305 mm (12”)
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Table of Contents
1. Set plate
2. Holder
3. Screw
1. Cut grooves with blade
1. Stopper pin

9. Cutting repetitive lengths

When cutting several pieces of stock to the same length,
ranging from 300 mm (11 - 3/4") to 470 mm (18 - 1/2"),
use of the set plate (optional accessory) will facilitate
more efficient operation. Install the set plate on the
holder (optional accessory) as shown in the figure.
Align the cutting line on your workpiece with either the
left or right side of the groove in the kerf board, and while
holding the workpiece from moving, move the set plate
flush against the end of the workpiece. Then secure the
set plate with the screw. When the set plate is not used,
loosen the screw and turn the set plate out of the way.
Use of the holder-rod assembly (optional accessory)
allows cutting repetitive lengths up to 2,200 mm (7.2 ft.)

10. Groove cutting

A dado type cut can be made by proceeding as follows:
Adjust the lower limit position of the blade using the
adjusting screw and the stopper arm to limit the cutting
depth of the blade. Refer to "Stopper arm" section
described on previously.
After adjusting the lower limit position of the blade, cut
parallel grooves across the width of the workpiece using
a slide (push) cut as shown in the figure. Then remove
the workpiece material between the grooves with a
chisel. Do not attempt to perform this type of cut using
wide (thick) blades or with a dado blade. Possible loss of
control and injury may result.
Be sure to return the stopper arm to the original position
when performing other than groove cutting.

Carrying tool

Make sure that the tool is unplugged. Secure the blade at 0°
bevel angle and the turn base at right miter angle fully.
Secure the slide poles after pulling the carriage toward you
fully. Lower the handle fully and lock it in the lowered position
by pushing in the stopper pin.

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Table of Contents

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