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Additional Safety Rules - Makita LS1212 Instruction Manual

Slide compound saw equipped with electric blade brake 305 mm (12”)
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DO NOT let comfort or familiarity with product (gained from
repeated use) replace strict adherence to slide compound saw
safety rules. If you use this tool unsafely or incorrectly, you can
suffer serious personal injury.
1. Wear eye protection.
2. Keep hands out of path of saw blade.
Avoid contact with any coasting blade. It
can still cause severe injury.
3. Do not operate saw without guards in
place. Check blade guard for proper clos-
ing before each use. Do not operate saw if
blade guard does not move freely and
close instantly. Never clamp or tie the
blade guard into the open position.
4. Do not perform any operation freehand.
The workpiece must be secured firmly
against the turn base and guide fence with
a vise during all operations. Never use
your hand to secure the workpiece.
5. Never reach around saw blade.
6. Turn off tool and wait for saw blade to
stop before moving workpiece or chang-
ing settings.
7. Unplug tool before changing blade or ser-
8. To reduce the risk of injury, return car-
riage to the full rear position after each
crosscut operation.
9. Always secure all moving portions before
carrying the tool.
10. Stopper pin which locks the cutter head
down is for carrying and storage pur-
poses only and not for any cutting opera-
11. Do not use the tool in the presence of
flammable liquids or gases.
12. Check the blade carefully for cracks or
cracked or damaged blade immediately.
Gum and wood pitch hardened on blades
slows saw and increases potential for
kickback. Keep blade clean by first remov-
ing it from tool, then cleaning it with gum
and pitch remover, hot water or kerosene.
Never use gasoline to clean blade.
13. While making a slide cut, KICKBACK can
occur. KICKBACK occurs when the blade
binds in the workpiece during a cutting
operation and the saw blade is driven
back rapidly towards the operator. Loss of
control and serious personal injury can
result. If blade begins to bind during a cut-
ting operation, do not continue to cut and
release switch immediately.
14. Use only flanges specified for this tool.
15. Be careful not to damage the arbor,
flanges (especially the installing surface)
or bolt. Damage to these parts could
result in blade breakage.
16. Make sure that the turn base is properly
secured so it will not move during opera-
tion. Use the holes in the base to fasten
the saw to a stable work platform or
bench. NEVER use tool where operator
positioning would be awkward.
17. For your safety, remove the chips, small
pieces, etc. from the table top before oper-
18. Avoid cutting nails. Inspect for and
remove all nails from the workpiece before

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Table of Contents

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