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Troubleshooting - Whirlpool WHES60 Installation And Operation Manual

Demand controlled water softener


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This water softener has a self-diagnostic function for
the electrical system (except input power and/or water
meter). The water softener monitors electronic com-
ponents and circuits for correct operation. If a mal-
function occurs, an error code appears in the display.
While an error code appears in the display, all buttons
are inoperable except the PROGRAM button. PRO-
GRAM remains operational so the service person can
perform the Manual Advance Diagnostics, see below,
to further isolate the problem.
Procedure for removing error code from dis-
1. Unplug power supply from electrical outlet.
2. Correct problem.
3. Plug power supply back in.
4. Wait 8 minutes. The error code will return if
the problem was not corrected.
Use the following procedures to advance the water
softener through the regeneration cycles to check
Lift off the salt lid, remove the top cover by unlocking
the tabs in the back and rocking forward, to observe
cam and switch operation during valve rotation.
1. Press and hold the DATA button for 3 seconds until
one of the two displays in Figure 38 is shown, then
release. The number in the top part of the display,
after "dY", is days since the last recharge.
NOTE: If the softener is in the middle of a regenera-
tion, the top part of the display shows the
cycle of regeneration, and minutes of the
cycle remaining. If two cycle names are flash-
ing, the valve is in transition between the


FIG. 37
2. The 3 digits under WATER MANAGEMENT SYS-
3. Symbols in the display indicate POSITION switch
4. Use the RECHARGE button to manually advance
NOTE: Be sure water is in contact with the salt, and
5. Press the DATA button again. The following infor-
6. Press DATA once again to return to the normal
Switch is closed
(Cam rotating)
TEM indicate water meter operation as follows:
000 (steady) = Soft water not in use, and no flow
through the meter.
Open a nearby soft water faucet.
000 to 140 (continual) = Repeats for each gallon
operation (See Figure 38).
the valve into each cycle and check correct switch
not separated by a salt bridge (See "Breaking
A Salt Bridge" section).
mation is available and may be beneficial for vari-
ous reasons. This information is retained by the
computer from the first time electrical power is
applied to the face plate.
a. The top half of the
display shows the
total number of
recharges since the
timer was connected
to electrical power.
b. The bottom half of
the display shows the
number of days since
the timer was con-
nected to electrical power. If over 1999 days, a
(x 10) indicator shows, meaning you must multi-
ply the number shown times 10.
time of day screen.
Minutes of Cycle
Switch is open
(Cam not rotating)
FIG. 38
of water passing through
the meter.
FIG. 39

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents